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All Office Desks


For use as stand alone desks or configured in clusters for multiple users.

A wide range of shapes and sizes that can be configured to fit any office.

A panel end enhanced with a solid wood trim detail, demonstrating fine joinery skills.

Wood cantilever leg with a curved base made of lacquered solid wood.

For the contract market where quality and affordability are key factors.

A wide range of applications and support the most dynamic work environments.

Kassini Desks offer horizontal and vertical hidden cable management as standard.

A range offer single stand alone desks, 120° cluster desks and bench desking.

Swift installation of desktop hardware through wire management solutions.

A great all-in-one desk with a simplistic, elegant design and optional height adjustment.

A unique Italian design that aims to obtain intelligent and personalised spaces.

Providing versatility and flexibility from single desk to modular operative benching.

Storage alongside the desk, stylish cast aluminium feet, and height adjustment.

Create a natural and cosy atmosphere in the office, ideal to foster concentration.

B Free is a modular furniture collection including seating, desks, tables and screens.

The adjustment crank allows you to set the height to where is the most comfortable.

A light, refined aesthetic with floating tops, recessed legs and discreet table distribution.

Optimise your office space and create the perfect environment for your team.

Minimalism and simplicity, combining outstanding functionality with infinite options.

Astro offers clean lines with a large floating desk top with ample return.

A unique profile of slender angled metal legs with an elegant melamine or glass top.

A sleek, modern style making an ideal desk for executive and professional offices.

A flexible desk system that can be specified for independent desk units or for groups.

A stylish Italian design and the option of a leather top make for a unique office bench.

An innovative system designed to create a flexible and smart working environment.

An adaptable range of specifiable desking and storage from Bisley™.

Italian designed statement piece that represents power and energy.

Oriented towards aesthetic lightness and formal reduction, creating a timeless style.

Pure volumes, planning minimalism, metal reflections and linear wood.

An example of perfect balance between modernity and naturalness.

A prestige range known for its designer looks and offers a dual containment function.

The classic style and high quality materials provide an authentic essence of prestige.

Natural finishes and glass combine in a single work and living habitat.

A beautiful executive desk offering a true director level of luxury.

Exerts style and class that is a perfect combination of perception, form and function.

Create a high profile executive feel with their unique profile of angled metal legs.

A profile that creates a brilliantly glamorous and chic finish for your workspace.

A new way of interpreting and living in both executive and professional offices.

Clean lines combined with the elegance of storage units for a high-level executive office.

A contemporary style that gives a natural elegance to your workspace.

The top-notch details make for a a space with its own identity and a natural elegance.

Characterised by their thin legs, sinuous planes and attractive natural grains.

Astro offers clean lines with a large floating desk top with ample return.

Providing the often difficult to attain bridge between classic and modern style.

Three distinct end frame designs and a wide variety of finishes to choose from.

Refined geometry, timeless aesthetic and design architecture.

Sit/Sit height adjustable bench desking, the optimum for an ergonomic seating position.

A height adjustable desk range that has been designed for the modern office.

A combination of elegance and simplicity, a great addition to any office space.

A change in work surface height can stimulate physical and mental activity.

A quality ergonomic desk with a built in wire management system.

A crank handle height adjustment with a range of 650mm to 850mm.

A quality height adjustable desk for single use or for multiple users in a team environment.

A height adjustable desk range that has been designed for the modern office.

Expressing an essential design and an absolute aesthetic strength.

A modular system made from beautifully hand finishes, natural wood veneer.

The large crystal top provides a touch of class to your office surroundings.

The natural simplicity of using glass helps create a unique solution to workstations.

Minimalistic design with quality craftsmanship delivers a prestigious aesthetic.