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Office Furniture Leasing Calculator

Benefits Of Office Furniture Leasing

Create Your Perfect Office Environment for as little as £10 per week.

Who’s a clever one then?

A well known quote from John Paul Getty (Oil tycoon, once the richest man in the world) is : “if it appreciates, buy it, If it depreciates, lease it!”

This same advice fits very well when it comes to acquiring new office furniture.

Office furniture is an asset which depreciates over time, so it’s a strong candidate for leasing.

Leasing also allows you to keep more capital in the bank.

Why is keeping business capital in your bank useful?

Because it can be used it to invest in:

• Extra activities that generate income and profit – a powerful strategy for business success

• Recruiting additional staff when required to grow your business

• Additional resources and machinery that can help make your business more efficient

Introducing The Leasing Model

Already Have Experience of Leasing?

Most businesses lease cars, photocopiers and capital equipment, so are already familiar with how useful leasing can be.

It means not having to pay upfront for certain depreciating assets, such as those mentioned.

Assets can also break down along the way, so best try to lease them if you can on a known monthly budget, then you are in full control.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you could get your offices kitted out with the latest designer, office furniture on a lease, for a relatively low monthly payment.

This means executive office desks, bench desks and ergonomic office chairs can be financed by an office furniture lease and available to you sooner than you might have expected.

This makes it affordable for many businesses.

Benefits Of Office Furniture Leasing Include:

• Holding onto your cash to help cash flow

• Spreading the cost over a longer period

• Known monthly expenditure

• Operating within your monthly budget

• No cash flow headaches

• Investment funds are always available for necessities

• Upgrade your office furniture and motivate your staff

• Health and safety improvements for your employees

• Get the office furniture you really want

The benefits of leasing can be huge for some companies who want to keep some cash in reserve for investment or to cover any economic downturns.

As leasing is commonplace for your cars, photocopiers and other common office items, so why not your office furniture?

When the time comes to upgrade your office furniture, don’t forget to consider the advantages of leasing your office furniture.

For more information on leasing office furniture: contact Hunts Office: 0845 4000 333

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