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The Body Coach

Project Complete: The Body Coach


Products Used:

Breakout: Orangebox Perimeter, Orangebox Huddle Buddle, Orangebox Ramsey, Verco Jenson, Verco Brix

Project Duration: 6 weeks


 Case Study For The Body Coach

"Securing office space in the middle of Richmond upon Thames was a dream come true as this is where my personal training, boot camps and on line business was born. So with the explosion of my business success it was vital to create an office environment to attract and retain new staff.

The introduction of Mark Emmett and subsequently his designers Jemma Grace & Ana Clemente-Marqués delivered a creditable design that not only provide my staff with smart and functional soft seating areas but also a running track, something of which I had joked about in our initial discussions! 

I am very pleased with Hunts showrooms in High Wycombe and their professional service."

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)


The Body Coach is a health and fitness programme created by Joe Wicks.

Boundary House Business Centre introduced Joe to Hunts Office to discuss his aspirations of creating a ‘healthy’ office environment. Mark Emmett led the project and from the first meeting at our showroom a very enthusiastic Joe fell in love with the idea of collaboration spaces.

The design team provided recommendations focussing on the brand’s identity, including soft seating in bold colours and a requested running track through the office. Following this Mark showed Joe around the manufacturers London showrooms to finalise products and fabrics.


The Body Coach
The Body Coach The Body Coach The Body Coach The Body Coach The Body Coach The Body Coach