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Conference Room Tables

Visually appealing. Functional, with purpose — A modern conference table is the focal point of every boardroom — Find the centrepiece of your meeting space with the help of brands like Steelcase, Elite and Quadrifoglio.
T45 Four Section Loop Leg Boardroom Table Dark Wood Top Finish Three Metal Loop Leg Light Grey Finish Horizontal Cable Management White Finish Seven Quadrifoglio Chairs At Desk

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Modular Conference & Boardroom Tables

Choosing the right conference room table is essential. This surface provides somewhere for you and your colleagues to gather together. A conference room allows you to get away from the confinement of your desk setup so that individuals can collaborate as a team.

Aside from acting as a practical piece of furniture, conference tables can help portray your success, and personality, as a business to those who matter the most - your clientele. By carefully selecting the right furniture for your meeting space, you can hone in on your brand identity, all the while creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests, as well as a comfortable, productive area for staff to use

Stylish surfaces to suit any business

In our range of modern conference room tables, you can take your pick from a variety of different designs, meaning you won’t struggle to find a surface that perfectly complements you and your business.

Choose from tables with super sleek glass surfaces for an ultra-contemporary look. This style of table is ideal if you want to optimise the space you have by making it appear bigger while also adding a touch of sophistication.

Perhaps a table with a wood veneer finish is more to your choosing. Select from surfaces in an array of different wood finishes, including light ash tones, medium oaks, and dark, or rich walnut. You can even choose from tables with different leg types, including smooth silver and chrome, to tables with black leg designs.

Making the most of your space

We have a modern conference room table to fit any space too. Whether your meeting room is large and spacious or more compact, our range includes surfaces in a broad selection of sizes, from long, rectangular meeting room tables to smaller, square styles.

When it comes to quality, we’re here for you. Each modern conference table in our collection has been designed and manufactured to perfection, and you can choose from surfaces brought to you by well-known brands, such as Sinetica, Rawside, and Elite.

For more information about our modern and contemporary conference tables, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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