Flex Whiteboard Solutions

by Steelcase

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Develop, share and showcase your work with Steelcase Flex Whiteboards Solutions. Lightweight whiteboards, a multi-purpose stand and mountable wall rails allow the team to surround themselves with information and keep everyone in the loop.

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Take a fresh whiteboard and use it with the stand for a effective brainstorm. Attach the board to the wall rail with the rest of your concepts. Steelcase Flex Whiteboard Solutions allow brainstorms to flow and ideas to be realised.

Product Features

  • Portable: With a thin-edge detail and a dual-sided writing surface, the lightweight whiteboards (under 4 kg) are easy to move.
  • Freestanding: The multi-purpose stand holds whiteboards and screens, ideal for pitching and sharing. It holds the cup for markers, too.
  • Wall-Mounted: As a backdrop and focal point, the wall rail has two tracks for layering content and holds whiteboards or screens.
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Product specification


Portable / Freestanding / Wall-mounted / Integration (Can be used with the stand, carts, wall rails and acoustic boundary)

Surface Materials For The Stand:


Plywood / Vibrant Linoleum Colours (Charcoal, Olive Green, Aquavert)

Plastic Base

Merle / Seagull

Surface Materials For Whiteboards:


Acrylic Film (Attaches to​ wall rail,​ board cart​, team cart​, stand​ and acoustic boundary​)

Dimensions For Stand:





Dimensions For Whiteboards:







Dimensions For Standard Wall Rail:



Dimensions For Parametric Wall Rail:


Between 1000mm and 2000mm (Attaches to​ building walls​ and can be mounted over full-height marker wall for 3rd layer of marker surface​.)


12 Years (5 years for surface materials, melamine decors)

Flex Collection Preview

The nature of work is unpredictable and Steelcase Flex gives a wide variety of teams control to adapt their space on demand to allow for changes in team activities. This video gives you a preview of the range showing you how flexible it is and how it can change your workplace.

Moving A Whiteboard

Steelcase Flex Markerboard Solutions allow ideas to flow and concepts to be shared. Grab a fresh markerboard and use it with the stand for a quick brainstorm. Create, share and showcase your work with Steelcase Flex Markerboard Solutions. This short video shows you how easy it is to take and move a whiteboard on a wall rail.

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