Overhead Tent

by Steelcase

£1,265.00 ex.VAT £1,518.00 inc.VAT

The Overhead Tent is a one-of-a-kind, sheer structure that adds a layer of privacy to the open plan working environment.

All other colours and fabric combinations are available with a longer lead time, please contact us to order.

Overhead Tent Sheer Fabric Options



Artic White Sheer TE01 1000

Arctic White Sheer TE01


Platinum Sheer TE02 1000

Platinum Sheer TE02

Overhead Tent Poles & Frame Finish



Silver Metallic 4018 1000

Silver Metallic 4018

Overhead Tent Connectors Finish



Platinum 6899

Platinum 6899

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Overhead Tent brings a bright and airy visual approach to the modern workplace with its organic, wave-like shape and sheer materials.

Key Features:

Aluminium Frame

A flexible aluminium frame and spine provides the stable framework for the wave-like shape while adding a unique visual aesthetic.

Easily Movable

Built-in handles on the freestanding base makes it easy to move Overhead Tent around a floor plan, while allowing for variations in height and width

Intuitive Assembly

A single layer of fabric, aluminium poles and two bases make it easy for two people to quickly assemble an Overhead Tent – no tools needed.


Plastic connection points are strategically placed to secure the frame, helping to keep the shape intact.

Reimagined Retreats

Designed in collaboration with a world-class tent designer, the concept of Work Tents is rooted in the human desire to seek shelter and protection from natural elements. Recreational tents provide safety and a haven of security in uncertain outdoor conditions, and now Work Tents provide people in the office with the same shelter and protection they crave.

With tensile construction at the core of the design, Work Tents pair light and airy organic shapes with tent-like and sheer textiles to create a range of flexible and captivating privacy solutions. Steelcase Work Tents challenge conventional privacy solutions by offering a novel and compelling way for people to work.


Overhead Tent provides a dynamic and airy layer of privacy to social and collaborative spaces in the open plan. Architecture-inspired, its soft and light form adds visual interest to any space while providing comfort and shielding allowing people to feel a sense of privacy while meeting or socializing in the open.

There are many benefits of adding an Overhead Tent to the workplace:

  • Versatile: Overhead Tent is roomy enough to support lounge or small collaboration settings
  • Flexible: The lightweight Overhead Tent is easy to move and supports a resilient workplace
  • Ventilation: An open and airy design allows for air to flow inside and around the tent

A New Materiality

As Steelcase started the adventure to bring Work Tents to the office, Steelcase realized that such an innovative concept needed a new materiality. Our focus on different layers of shelter and privacy brought us in the direction of opaque to semi-transparent options.

Our research in the outdoor realm brought us to a light-weight fabric that Steelcase called Ascent (available on Pod Tent only). This fabric provides a high level of visual privacy while remaining extremely light.

To complement the adventurous spirit of Ascent, Sheer came into being to bring a cocooning touch to the Work Tent experience. This trans-lucent fabric provides just the right level of visual privacy and comfort, while letting light coming in.

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Product specification

Screen Finish

Artic White Sheer TE01 / Platinum Sheer TE02 / Sterling Dark Sheer TE11

Base Finish

Cloud 1ATB / Rose Quartz 1ATG / Olivine 1ATH / Sea Salt 1ATK / Citrine 1ATk / Wasabi 4AQ8 / Scarlet 4AQ9 / Blue Jay 4AV3 / Tangerine 4AX1 / Obsidian 4B20 / Matte Brass 4B22 / Burnished Bronze 4B23 / Night Bronze 4B24 / Matte Copper 4B25 / Aubergine 4CZ1 / Peacock 4CZ2 / Jungle 4CZ3 / Merlot 4CZ4 / Honey 4CZ5 / Lagoon 4CZ6 / Saffron 4CZ7 / Electric Indigo 4EE9 / Champagne Metallic CH / Merle MG / Midnight Metallic MI / Nickel NI / Near Black NM / Pearl Black PB / Silver SL / Sterling Metallic ST / Artic White Gloss WG / Artic White Matte WM

Poles & Frame

Silver Metallic 4018 (Aluminium)


Platinum 6899 (Plastic)


Max. 4420mm



Interior Height

Max. 2360mm

Exterior Height

Max. 2440mm


12 Years (*5 years for surface materials, textiles)

Introducing You To Work Tents

Overhead Tent brings a bright and airy visual approach to the modern workplace with its organic, wave-like shape and sheer materials. This video gives you an introduction to the tents and the inspiration behind their creation.

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