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Office Workstations

Workstations are a simple and versatile range of desks. Across our ranges there are a wide choice of shapes and sizes, with some up to 1m depth and 2.2m width. A great benefit of these desks is that they can be positioned alone or as a cluster, and then repositioned later if circumstances change. Many of these ranges include hidden cable management, to help keep the workspace tidy.


Kassini Desks offer horizontal and vertical hidden cable management as standard.

A range offer single stand alone desks, 120° cluster desks and bench desking.

Swift installation of desktop hardware through wire management solutions.

A great all-in-one desk with a simplistic, elegant design and optional height adjustment.

A unique Italian design that aims to obtain intelligent and personalised spaces.

Providing versatility and flexibility from single desk to modular operative benching.

Storage alongside the desk, stylish cast aluminium feet, and height adjustment.

Create a natural and cosy atmosphere in the office, ideal to foster concentration.

A height adjustable desk range that has been designed for the modern office.