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Office Bench Desks

Bench Desks are designed to utilise as much of the available space as possible, making them popular in open plan offices and even smaller spaces where space is limited. Some of our ranges offer the modern feature of height adjustability, each desk can be individually adjusted to a standing position. The addition of screens and pedestals help to create a personal space for each user, while still being able to easily collaborate and work with those around them.


Ology Bench Desks

Shifting postures throughout the day aids employees to feel refreshed and engaged.

The adjustment crank allows you to set the height to where is the most comfortable.

A light, refined aesthetic with floating tops, recessed legs and discreet table distribution.

Optimise your office space and create the perfect environment for your team.

B Free is a modular furniture collection including seating, desks, tables and screens.

Minimalism and simplicity, combining outstanding functionality with infinite options.

Flexibility aids teamwork and productivity.

Adjustable desk height for seated positions.

A combination of elegance and simplicity.

A flexible desk system that can be specified for independent desk units or for groups.

A sleek, modern style making an ideal desk for executive and professional offices.

A unique profile of slender angled metal legs with an elegant melamine or glass top.

Designed to offer offices the perfect balance of collaborative and individual work.

Adaptable to suit aesthetics and work styles with a range of finishes and options.

Supportive of collaborative working while maintaining personal space and privacy.

A stylish Italian design and the option of a leather top make for a unique office bench.

An innovative system designed to create a flexible and smart working environment.

An adaptable range of specifiable desking and storage from Bisley™.