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Conference Room Tables

Visually appealing. Functional, with purpose — A modern conference table is the focal point of every boardroom — Find the centrepiece of your meeting space with the help of brands like Steelcase, Elite and Quadrifoglio.


Modular Conference & Boardroom Tables

Choosing the right conference room table is essential. This surface provides somewhere for you and your colleagues to gather together. A conference room allows you to get away from the confinement of your desk setup so that individuals can collaborate as a team.

Aside from acting as a practical piece of furniture, conference tables can help portray your success, and personality, as a business to those who matter the most - your clientele. By carefully selecting the right furniture for your meeting space, you can hone in on your brand identity, all the while creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests, as well as a comfortable, productive area for staff to use