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Cafe Conundrums and Hybrid Working: Transforming Siemens Finance's Stoke Poges Office Space.

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Siemens Finance


Stoke Poges

Selecta enlisted our expertise to undertake a captivating transformation project for Siemens Finance's Stoke Poges Office. Siemens sought to implement a Hybrid Working Scheme, and their existing staff canteen and catering facilities needed to evolve to meet the needs of the organisation.

Our mission extended beyond solving the catering conundrum. Siemens aspired to reshape their uninspiring canteen into a vibrant hub—a space where their team could congregate, socialise, and rediscover the allure of the office environment. This endeavour aimed to foster a sense of belonging and encourage more in-office presence.

Siemens had a clear vision in mind—a café-style atmosphere. However, they were receptive to our input and recommendations. We embraced this collaboration and challenged their preconceived notions. Our interpretation of their brief resonated profoundly with Siemens, resulting in a design that exceeded their expectations.

The transformed space emerged as the nucleus of Siemens' Stoke Poges Workspace. Where individuals from various departments now converge, collaborate, and celebrate milestones. A testament to the space's success was a memorable send-off party hosted within the new Hub.

From the Facilities and Finance teams' perspective, the project was a huge success. We not only adhered to deadlines and budget constraints but also ignited a significant surge in positivity throughout the organisation.

Our collaboration with Selecta and Siemens Finance underscores our commitment to crafting spaces that not only meet but surpass expectations, catalysing teamwork and enhancing the office experience.

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