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Height Adjustable Office Desks

Height Adjustable Desks promote wellbeing and create a health-conscious environment. They allow users to transition between sitting and standing at their desk. Making this transition stimulates mental and physical activity, resulting in an increase in productivity, efficiency and innovation without disturbing those around. It’s even believed that standing compared to sitting burns more calories. The sedentary workstyle is known to create long-term physical challenges including neck and back pain or repetitive stress injuries.    


Ology Bench Desks
Height Adjustable Desks - Progress Light

A height adjustable desk range that has been designed for the modern office.

Adjustable desk height for seated positions.

A combination of elegance and simplicity, a great addition to any office space.

A change in work surface height can stimulate physical and mental activity.

Crank handle adjustment of 650mm to 850mm.

A quality ergonomic desk with a built in wire management system.

A quality height adjustable desk for single use or for multiple users in a team environment.

Flexibility aids teamwork and productivity.

Shift postures to feel refreshed and engaged.