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Modular / Flip Top Tables

Find strength and durability in our range of modular and flip top tables - tailored to fit the changing workspace. Maximise efficiency with tilt top tables and folding office desks, or encourage interaction with round folding tables. Explore your options from brands like Elite and Steelcase.
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Get creative with flip top tables

How do flip top tables work? And how do they benefit your office?

Flip top office tables are a clever mix of flexibility and productivity. Ideal for everything from meetings and training sessions, to independent work. When the working day gets busy, you’ll be able to set up different configurations quickly, handling speedy changeovers with ease. Finished using your flip top table? Simply store it away to save space.

In growing businesses, utilising space is essential. With flip top tables, you can accommodate several table styles; from formal conference meetings to rows of desks. Need to team up with a colleague? Wheel your desks together to create one, collaborative surface. When you’re done, nest them together neatly. Perfect and practical for a training room, classroom and the office floor.

Modular tables to suit every space

Whether you’re looking to add a modular conference table to a room or you’ve got gaps to fill in your breakout areas, our range of dynamic modular tables can help.

For versatility, use an office folding table that can be moved swiftly to any room. For conference prep where you’re expecting an overflow of attendees, a modular meeting room table is the answer.

In a nutshell, office modular tables can be added or removed as your company grows. Fit for every purpose. Find yours online today.

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