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Office Bench Desks

Give your workspace an uplift with elegant, designer office bench desks that don’t scrimp on performance. Choose clean, contemporary bench desks from Rawside, Steelcase and more.
Steelcase Lares Bench Desk In Office Environment

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The Perks of Bench Desking

Business needs are always changing – and so are your ways of working. Join the office bench desk revolution and adapt your office for flexibility, function and efficiency. Wave goodbye to maze-like floorplans with pokey, divided rooms and say hello to light, open spaces. From authentic, wood effect finishes to modern white bench desks.

Office bench desks promote a versatile use of space, improve communications across teams and provide accessibility – giving employees the opportunity to speak up, discuss ideas and not hide behind their screens. Don’t forget to complement your desk with a sleek office chair.

Adjustable Work Benches

Office space is a luxury – and can be hard to come by. New tech has shaped the way we work, and thanks to this, adjustable work benches have taken off. Thin laptops have replaced bulky monitors. Hot desking means keeping every desk free of clutter, ready for the next person to start working. Long bench desks have replaced the pld school style of desking we used to know so well. Give your workplace everything it needs to thrive, with office bench desks that help open up your space.

Like the idea of bench desking? Our design experts can help you create a floorplan that keeps everyone happy.

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