Office Breakout / Collaboration Furniture

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Office Breakout Furniture

Every day is different. Adapt your workspace to the demands of the day with the right office breakout furniture. Put focus first with a privacy booth. Boost connectivity with open meeting stations. Give your team the chance to break away from the everyday with breakout chairs and sofas that encourage interaction.

Inject creativity into the working day by stepping away from your desk and embracing a change of scenery. Our breakout furniture offers a solution to distractions and stagnant seating – giving you the opportunity to escape the routine, and work smarter.

Collaborative Office Furniture

Get more out of your office - and your work - by encouraging collaboration through design. They say the best ideas happen when you least expect it – and well-designed, informal spaces can help to foster that spark. Turn open areas into inspiring spaces with modular office seating, soundproof meeting pods or a breakout table and chairs.

Our designers and industry experts specialise in creating imaginative breakout areas – from co-working spaces and lounge chairs, to acoustic sound insulation pods – all built around your business.

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