Modern Office Lounge Chairs

A chair is more than a seat. Office lounge chairs offer a space to contemplate, brainstorm and create. From abstract design to the classic chair with a twist, make a splash with your office space. Go stylish and minimalist or daring and extravagant with office lounge chairs from Orangebox, Boss Design and more. Discover charmingly unique office lounge furniture from Hunts.

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Create a lasting impression with designer lounge chairs

The epitome of workday luxury. Choose from cool chrome, matte black or warm copper bases to shape your designer lounge chair. Complete by selecting your seat finish, whether you prefer soft, functional upholstery or executive leather in earthy tones.

Sip that well-deserved coffee, sit back and relax in a reclining office chair. Or for those pensive moments, take a seat in a rocking office chair. After all, reflection knows no bounds.

Invite creativity in with modern office lounge chairs

An office breakout space is where creativity thrives. Strike the imagination with stunning lounge seating.

Want to electrify the room’s energy? Go for bold, daring office lounge chairs. Need visual and acoustic privacy? Opt for a high back lounge chair. Find modern office lounge chairs to suit your office space both in colour and character.

Building out your breakout space? Dare to pair with office media units to bring the extra buzz. Finish with eye-catching office lighting for the ideal collaborative space. Want the professional touch with your lounge seating furniture? Speak to our design experts today.

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