Office Meeting Pods

Perfect for private working and 1-2-1 meetings, our range of office pods cover everything from acoustic pods to collaboration work pods. Browse Brands such as Framery and Connection.
Framery Q Flow In Office Environment

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The Perks of Office Pods

Office meeting pods have become a staple of the modern workplace. Why? Firstly, because they enable privacy in a world where office estate space is tight. Secondly, they encourage collaboration, lower stress levels, make space for confidentiality and boost concentration levels – all crucial factors of a successful office workflow.

Rather than feel the pressure of a conference room’s corporate setup, you can recharge, discuss work in small groups or make private calls in a meeting pod. A work pod gives you the opportunity to create your own, customised working environment to be used as you see fit.

Get inspired in one of our media shed office pods, or take five in your own private workstation. And if you want to kick things up a notch? Consider a modular meeting pod, built for open discussions and idea generation.

Combat Noise with Acoustic Meeting Pods

A common problem in the workplace is excess noise. If you’re on a call, have a tight deadline or need to get your head into a project, acoustic pods eliminate any unwanted white noise. Creating a setting that’s designed to tackle these issues is a surefire way to enhance team morale and overall results.

Office meeting pods enable an efficient work setting that supports every working style. Explore your office pod options with the help of our designers.

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