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Office Pedestals

Transform your desk area into a well-oiled machine with our variety of office pedestal units, caddies and drawers. Perfect for the practical workspace. Find yours today in our selection, with brands like Rawside and Elite.
Elite Two Drawer Low Mobile Pedestal with Seat Pad With MFC Light Wood Finish Under Elite Desk With Wood Finish With Elite Office Chair With White Upholstery At Desk

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Stow it away with office pedestal cabinets

Need to clear away the clutter? Try an under desk pedestal drawer. Want to keep files in order? Opt for a caddy pedestal cabinet. Or maybe you’re switching up your seating plan with a desk move? Make it hassle-free with a mobile pedestal that you can take on the move.

If you’re short on space, there’s even more reason to invest in smart storage solutions. From steel pedestals that match every office interior to narrow desk pedestals that neatly slide beneath – or beside – your desk.

In a busy office, organisation is key. And with a durable workstation, you’ll feel more productive as soon as the working day begins.

Stay secure with lockable pedestal drawers

The perks of a pedestal drawer go far beyond the realms of tidiness. As well as staying spick-and-span, you want an office that ensures your work is protected. With a lockable pedestal, you can secure confidential documents by filing and storing them away safely. If one or two drawers don’t quite cut it, choose a 3- drawer, under desk pedestal that maximises efficiency.

Cut out the chaos of a messy workspace and talk to our leading design team today. Choose from a range of authentic wood or metal pedestal finishes, unit heights and drawer sizes.

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