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Add a splash of personality to your workspace with a bespoke office rug that radiates luxury. Classic vintage. Modern abstract. Traditional textures. Find a rug that works for you from our online collection.

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Create an ambience with office area rugs

When adding the finishing touches to your workspace, a rug goes a long way. With our range of statement office rugs, you don’t need to make the choice between opulence and homeliness.

Without a rug, it can feel like the furniture in a large open space is floating without purpose. But office area rugs have a special way of bringing together every element of a room – giving your overall décor an upgrade without the extra effort. And the benefits of rugs go far beyond style.

Firstly, you can change the acoustics of an echo-filled space with specialist office rugs for hardwood floors. Carpet is quieter, softer and warmer than hard surface flooring, and it also absorbs sounds in the air. So not only will you be able to feel and see the difference an office rug makes – but you’ll hear it too.

And don’t worry about ease of movement or getting your chair wheels stuck in the carpet either. Designed with the office setup in mind, our smooth silk rugs for rolling chairs are specifically designed to stop that becoming a problem.

Office rugs for every floor

Manufactured with the highest quality flatweave, our office area rugs are the perfect top layer to any floor.

Enhance tired looking floors of any size, whether you’re working with laminate, tile, carpet or hardwood. Cover a whole area with a bespoke office rug tailored to any size. Or protect your flooring with rugs for office chairs.

Make everyone in your office feel at home with office rugs for every floor. Talk to our design experts today.

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