Office Sofas

Switch up the standard ways of working by adding a premium office sofa to your breakout areas. With our range of office sofa chairs, you can alternate between group meetings, one-to-one discussions or remote working. Define your brand with our curated collection from Boss Design, Vitra, Steelcase and more.
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Escape from the desk with commercial sofas

Break the cycle of desk working and relocate to comfier ground on an office couch. Need to get your head into a project? Utilise mobile working and get away from the buzz of the office by sinking into a high back office sofa with privacy panels.

Sitting in the same chair all day can easily tarnish your productivity. Cushion the blow of long working days by getting cosy on a small office sofa and return to your desk with a fresh, open mind.

Collaborate in style with modular office sofas

Make your breakout space space the hub of your business. Encourage co-operation and integration with 2 seater office sofas. Need a change of scenery? Take your work to the office corner sofa or office reception sofa for that extra bit of headspace. Expecting visitors? Put a spin on conventional meetings by gathering on the office sofa and give your guests the chance to relax — much more welcoming and laidback than a traditional conference room.

Whether it’s a leather office sofa or a modular office sofa, our selection ensures first-rate upholstery and high-quality frames that maintain their shape — without compromising on comfort.

With our range, your office will look and feel luxurious without even trying.

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