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Office Storage Walls

Today’s workspace demands privacy, collaborative zones and space. To achieve all three, you need an efficient wall storage system. Start optimising your space now, with brands like Spacestor and Vitra.

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Wall Storage Units for the Modern Office

Offices can be fast-paced, active and often sparse on space. But what if we told you there were more ways around this than underdesk drawers or bulky, metal lockers? Our smart storewall solutions will upgrade the way you work, providing solutions for quick space saving.

Try out the Snugglestor – an inviting seating alcove area that serves as both an impromtu meeting space and a quiet thinking area. But that’s not all – it also breaks up a bland wall storage unit and promotes a tidy office.

Save Space with Storage Wall Systems

Clutter-free. Coordinated. Organised. That’s the ideal workspace, right? Office wall cupboards and wall storage units make that a reality. Use clean lines and sufficient storage space to keep your workspace neat, open and productive.

Our wall storage systems offer a customised way to keep your office on top form, creating an environment that suits everyone’s individual working style. Efficient office. Efficient business.

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