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Stackable Meeting Room Chairs

Finding adequate space to seat everyone in meetings, conferences or business events can be a challenge. But stacking chairs make for an easy solution. Designed to be moved swiftly from place to place, our collection of stackable office chairs will ensure that your productivity is seamless. Explore the range today.
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Optimise your space with stackable office chairs

Making sure you have enough space to seat everyone invited to a meeting isn’t always easy. After all, who wants permanent office chairs in communal areas and meeting rooms? Not only do they restrict space when not in use, they also look untidy and hinder the aesthetic you are trying to create for your workspace. So what’s the solution?

Designed to conveniently stack together for simple storage and provide comfortable temporary seating options whenever called upon, our collection of stylish stackable meeting room chairs could be just what you need.

Purchase more space

When you opt for stackable chairs in meeting rooms, you get so much more than a smart seating option - you also purchase flexibility. Simply set them up whenever additional seating is needed or stack ‘em away with ease to create a spacious room that can be used for a whole host of other activities, without having to alter office design. It’s that simple!

Stylish and practical

Although many associate stackable chairs with the mass-produced seating used in schools, cafes and pubs, the truth is that nowadays you no longer have to compromise on comfort, style or design in order to enjoy the benefits of this convenient form of seating.

Whether you are looking for minimalistic metal stackable chairs that wouldn’t look out of place at an office desk or lightweight plastic stackable seating that can be swiftly moved from room to room, we provide meeting room chairs that are not only incredibly functional but also look the part.

Choose from renowned furniture brands such as Boss Design, Verpan, Casala and more, and opt for models with special design features and aesthetics. This includes stacking chairs with arms and headrests, as well as items available in a variety of colours, from bold reds, yellows and blues to muted earth tones and modern matte blacks.

Browse our entire collection today and be sure to speak to our design team for advice or help when it comes to finding the perfect solution for you and your business.

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