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Borg Warner

Borg Warner: Enhancing Employee Collaboration and the Client Experience.

We embarked on a mission with Borg Warner to transform their existing workspace, driven by two primary objectives: to foster improved collaboration among employees and to elevate the client experience. Recognising the importance of creating an inspiring and functional environment to entice their workforce back to the office, Borg Warner sought to establish a more collaborative and informal feel to their meeting spaces.

The second objective was to provide their valued clients with a memorable and purposeful experience as they first stepped into the Borg Warner offices.

The project entailed a complete reimagining of the office space, aligning with Borg's new vision and objectives.

Encouraging employees to return to the office was a key focus, and creating a vibrant canteen and breakout area played a pivotal role. Overcoming water supply and drainage challenges added an extra layer of complexity to the project.

Transferring the server room posed numerous technical and logistical challenges, requiring innovative solutions.

A striking and inviting welcome space was crafted to serve as the initial point of contact for clients, leaving a lasting impression.

Borg Warner's partnership with Hunts exemplified its commitment to innovation, employee collaboration, and client-centricity, resulting in a transformation that exceeded expectations.

Photography by Office Curator

We recently completed a two-floor consolidation project at our Warwick headquarters. We needed to find and select a supplier who could assist us in reimagining our space as well as relocating and redesigning existing services such as a communications/server room, meeting rooms and our board room within a specific budget and timeframe. Because we did not have a dedicated reception/welcome experience, we also needed to provide a journey and welcome experience for clients. We chose Hunts to work with us on this process because they demonstrated the passion, vision, and professionalism that gave us confidence that they could assist us in reaching our objectives. The Hunts design team was extremely creative throughout the process, providing us with several exciting design schemes as well as an eclectic mix of product ideas from which we were able to select the right products, resulting in a more inspiring and purposeful workplace. By providing more informal meeting and social spaces, as well as a modern and bright dedicated canteen, we would encourage our colleagues to return to work. The visit to their incredible Showroom in High Wycombe was truly inspiring and brought the visual ideas to life more than we could have imagined. We also went out on a limb on the finish/colour selections after seeing all the different materials and colours they have in their space. This shift to a more informal look has been well received by all our colleagues. We had recent visits from overseas colleagues who have in turn been inspired by the changes and are planning to work on similar ideas.

Nicholas Kontoudios

Global Head of CI and EMEA head of Quality

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