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CATS College Head Office

An outstanding and enriching Head Office for CATS Education.

Since their foundation in 1952, CATS have grown into one of the most innovative and successful independent education providers in the UK, the USA, and beyond.

CATS have recently embarked on a refresh of their global identity — as well as identifying a need for a physical location for their head office — transitioning from a co-working space to WFH during the pandemic to finally finding their own Head Office home.

An inclusive space for creativity and potential. A palette of areas for focus, collaboration, and rejuvenation. As well as space to socialise, allowing cultural growth, and to empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Hunts drew inspiration from the exterior industrial aesthetic of the premises and designed the physical space to have a heritage feel, be fresh, airy, and welcoming — an environment that staff would be excited to come back to.


CATS College Head Office


6500 sq. ft




Ana and the team at Hunts went above and beyond to partner with us as a client and spend time getting to know who we are as an organisation and what we were wanting to achieve. We have had several iterations throughout the project and I’ve appreciated the patience and support. I personally also got hands on with the design elements and enjoyed working with the team on choosing the right aesthetic and all ideas were welcome. The brand that we were looking to create required a combination of heritage with a modern twist and the brief has more than been achieved, I am delighted with the outcome. The materials and products sourced from Ana and the team are exceptional and we are already having conversations about the next project we can work together on.

Chris Stacey


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