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Hertz Uxbridge Head Office

Carefully Curated Furniture and Design Solutions For Hertz's Post-Covid London Headquarters.

We revitalised Hertz’s ample post-covid office space back to life through the infusion of vibrant colour palettes and carefully curated furniture solutions that cater to Hertz's diverse workforce.

The office at Hertz London HQ had remained untouched for a while and desperately needed a complete makeover.

Hertz had a clear vision of the direction they wanted to pursue and provided us with a well-defined brief. Our primary focus was to entice employees back to the office by creating an inviting, appealing and inspiring workspace with the help of Hertz's bright and energizing brand identity.

We listened and we delivered.

Hertz's HQ has been transformed into a bright, airy, and inviting workspace, helping to foster a stimulating and engaging working environment.


Hertz Uxbridge Head Office


11000 sq ft




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