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Carverse—Norton Way Group

A unique furniture-first spin on Carverse's Knebworth car showroom.

Norton Wayfound Hunts when looking for exciting and novel privacy booths online—this led to a visit to our showroom for inspiration

Fresh from the showroom visit, Norton Way collaborated with the Hunts’ design team to see how the space could be redesigned in order to improve and make better use of the space by creating unique zones within the car showroom.

The unique zones were to be clearly defined through the use of colour and texture. To ensure the new showroom was exactly how they envisioned it, the design team provided renders so the client could see the vast change it would make to the space.

The showroom visit was particularly important for Norton Way, as it helped them understand how they would like to furnish their showroom to stand apart from other car showrooms across the country—the focus would be on comfort and exciting furniture rather than cars as the centrepiece; with unique zones to make it a truly distinctive car showroom.

Photos — Team Marek: https://officecurator.co.uk/


Carverse—Norton Way Group


5134 st ft




It was a pleasure to work with Lucinda and Greg on our used car supermarket project. We were delighted with the designs and the final look that was achieved. It has created a fun and exciting space for our customers and employees to enjoy! Special thanks to Lucinda who was amazing, we will definitely be looking to work with Hunt’s again on any future projects

Harry Grainger

Operations Director

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