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Keating Estates

Creating a vibrant workplace while maximising natural light and making best use of the limited space.

Keating Estates was in need of a modern makeover for their outdated office and wanted to work with a company that could handle the entire project from start to finish. Hunts had previously provided designs for the renovation, and since they had a positive experience with Hunts in the past, they chose to work with us again.

The old office was narrow and dark, and the client wanted to brighten it up with new furniture and more natural light. Hunts had to remove built-in storage walls and a decorative ceiling to create a brighter, more open space. The client wanted to create a multi-use room for meetings and lessen the storage within the office. The project went smoothly, and the client was thrilled with the results, noting that he would have been overwhelmed had he tried to tackle the project himself.


Keating Estates


645 sq. ft.




We employed Hunts Office Furniture to project manage the complete refurbishment of our Clapham Office. From start to finish they have been exceptionally good to deal with and delivered the project on time to an excellent standard. We would highly recommend Hunts if you are looking for a no hassle turnkey solution to your office refurbishment

Shane Mercieca, Managing Director

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