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Lumentum (Phase 1)

Lumentum engaged Hunts to redesign their Towcester workspace to align with their laser-sharp corporate standards. The Towcester site is now the benchmark for all UK Lumentum locations.

Lumentum are global leaders in high-performance commercial laser technology. Headquartered in San Jose, California – they have 20 offices across 12 countries. Their innovative technology allows for agility, flexibility and speed in advanced manufacturing, 3D sensing, gaming and cloud applications, just to name a few.

Lumentum made contact with Hunts via our partners in the US. At the time, they didn’t have corporate standards for their office spaces. Their large scale UK locations which had been left untouched for some time had reached a point where they needed to be upgraded. They were considering their Towcester office to be a test site – which if successful – they would roll out across their locations.

The team at Lumentum explained that a large proportion of staff at the Towcester site were longstanding members of the team and needed to be involved in the process of change.

Our Senior Designer Ana Celpanova took time to understand who Lumentum are as a company, and what they needed to achieve in order to align their space with their brand, and maintain integrity with the team.

Ana worked with them to build a detailed brief and led them from conception to completion – challenging and inspiring them along the way — creating a palette of 'we' and 'me' spaces; giving people the freedom to utilise different parts of the office depending on the kind of work they carry out. The jewel in the crown was the multipurpose welcome area which has since become a hive of activity – providing an inspiring environment away from the desk and also supporting informal meetings and transient workers both internal and external.

The end result was received so well, Hunts have been appointed to roll out the new concept through different phases of the Towcester and Paignton sites.

Photography: Marek Sikora


Lumentum (Phase 1)


5575 sq. ft.




Working with Ana and the design team was efficient and easy to manage – which helped me greatly with my attention split in multiple directions. Ana provided fantastic insight into the working area, and fabric / texture finishes to enhance our space and deliver the mission goal: provide more workspace but ensure area is light / bright and fresh to mirror our cleanroom production areas too. Whilst the snag list was very small, nothing was left under a rock and all issues were promptly dealt with. The successful delivery of these two key areas has prompted additional project phases for our Uk sites, and I hope to work with Hunts and Transmation again in the future.

Senior Facilities Manager EMEA

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