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A breath-taking new workspace with a unique industrial feel and views over the London skyline.

Yelp decided to move their offices at an unfortunate time – just before the start of the 2020 lockdown. Their new Liverpool Street offices were left empty and devoid of life.

As restrictions eased, Hunts were able to work with Thirdway Interiors on the redesign, adapting the original plan by adding a variety of collaborative spaces to cater to hybrid working.

Hunts were instrumental in sourcing furniture and fittings from over 20 different manufacturers to inject new life into Yelp’s workspace. An outdoor decking area capitalised on the office’s views over the London skyline whilst special desk finishes contributed towards an industrial feel, differentiating the office from a typical workplace.

Yelp were so overjoyed with the outcome of this project that they’ve made the London workspace the gold standard for all their future offices to strive towards.

The result is that the layout plans will be a constant in the upward trajectory of this innovative and forward-thinking company.




23,000 sq ft


Liverpool Street, London


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