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Ultimate Office Desks

Ultimate Desks category demonstrates unique, executive Italian design and style. They can be configured to make a statement and express the individuality of a company or user. A key factor in this category is the range of colour finishes, many of these desks are available in bold colours of glass or lacquer. For a more exclusive and sophisticated look there are unglazed porcelain and leather finishes.

Many of our ultimate desks come with modesty panels, extensions and wire management, which are essential features in a modern office. Extensions help ensure that you can add to the desks if you expand your workforce, while wire management accessories help to ensure that your cables are correctly managed and out of sight.


Oriented towards aesthetic lightness and formal reduction, creating a timeless style.

Italian designed statement piece that represents power and energy.

Exerts style and class that is a perfect combination of perception, form and function.

A beautiful executive desk offering a true director level of luxury.

Expressing an essential design and an absolute aesthetic strength.