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Acoustic Pods

Businesses looking for ways to maximise office space by bringing workforces closer together, but by also maintaining some resemblance of personal space for employees can do so with the use of acoustic pods.  Hunts Office offers a wide range of these office partition panels and desk screens to provide employees with protection from both noise and visual distractions, whilst not blocking them off completely from their colleagues.  


The acoustic panels are quality designed to be practical, functional, and affordable whilst being easy to install or remove when needed to adapt to chaniging workstations.  The Vista Acoustic Pods have five different footprint designs with both ceiling and wall panels, curved corners, ultra slim aluminum profiles and toughened glass construction.  


The Den Screens are great for forming noise barriers to create a more private space, while the Elite Screens divide workstations and create individual spaces to maximise privacy.

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Acoustic Pods