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Cafe & Bistro Chairs

For the staff break areas, we have a range of cafe and bistro chairs that is likely to satisfy the needs of any office. If you’re looking for long-lasting, shock and break resistant cafe and bistro chairs with a top quality carbonate body, consider our Natural Ola Chairs, Igloo Chairs, Vanity Chairs, Bon Bon, Tricot and Saint Tropez Chairs.

The Natural Ola comes with a beech frame and either with or without loose fabric seat cushion in various colours. The height is fixed at 45cm. Because the Igloo, Bon Bon and Vanity Chairs are stackable, they are popular both as indoor and outdoor options.

Our Xpresso Three Chairs are stackable up to ten chairs high and offered with a perforated back. They are also perfect for recycling.  Our other cafe and bistro chairs include the Loop and Antishock Cafe and Bistro Chairs.