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Executive Chairs

Executive chairs are a sophisticated office chair for managers and directors, characterized by their substantial back size. Some of the ranges feature handcrafted stitching for custom upholstery patterns, while others offer unique overall design, all creating a statement in any environment. Every range have been created with a large focus on comfort with ergonomic adjustment features.


Research into the unique movements and gestures of the body was undertaken...

Soft mesh and "smart operation" ergonomics which respond and adapt to your posture.

A timeless design that features tailored smooth, quilted or squared padded back.

Modern design combined with cutting-edge technology to satisfy any use.

Tests show Leap can reduce back pain, discomfort and musculo-skeletal disorders.

The details give strong personality and grant the user a high level of comfort.

Their characteristic design is created with handicraft stitching to create the stripes.

A collection for those who want a high-performance chair of modern design.

A classic chair in shape, but innovative in respect to its upholstery and mechanism. 

A technical seat re-invented to ensure comfort and all the benefits of ergonomics.

Comfort and design for prestigious management environments.

A prestigious design and comfort level to suit directors, managers and top executives.

An elegant and ambitious business chair which stands out for its originality.

Providing companies a user focussed design, recognising that no one person is the same.

Designed as an actual instrument to work in total freedom, ensuring utmost comfort.

Characterised by the one piece ring structure, which supports and follows the body.

The chair exudes elegance with upholstered soft, stepped and supportive cushioning.

High-performance and great ergonomics within a linear and modern design.

Cool, crisp and contemporary chair for working at a desk or behind a meeting table.

Robot technology and chair design to offer innovative style and exceptional comfort.

The sumptuous finish of a lounge seat combined with an office chair's functionality.

Stylish and sophisticated chair that is ideal for managerial use or around boardroom tables.

A unique two-back system, giving a revolutionary level of ergonomic comfort.

An intelligent chair that identifies how you sit and adjusts itself accordingly.

A sleek and sophisticated design that is ideal for any executive area or boardroom.

An elegant design with handicraft stitching to create refined large square geometry.

Providing sophistication and style to offices as well as comfort.

A unique aesthetic with the stand out arms that curve around the outer shell.

The stylish flexible and breathable mesh-back provides unsurpassed levels of comfort.

An affordable, smart and comfortable chair with adjustments for back, seat and arms.