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Daniel Walsh

09 Sep 2021

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After an unpredictable few years, the office is making its comeback. As more and more workers return to the office – albeit flexibly – the importance of designing a safe, comfortable and creative space for employees to work is of utmost importance. From stylish, innovative workspace designs, to those with hygiene at their core – there are many aesthetic factors for specifiers, designers and architects to consider when working on modern office specifications.

Get comfy

Comfort is key, especially in environments such as offices where people often spend the majority of their working day therefore, elements such as seating, furniture for break-out-zones and other comforting spaces need to be considered. This will allow workers to recharge, reset and will also benefit productivity levels.

Opt for plush textures and tactile materials to create a calming and welcoming ambience, by paying careful attention to the finer details including high-quality office chairs you can make sure your workforce is getting the correct support whilst also feeling at ease in the office.

Splunk Hunts Office Marek Sikora Photography Small 49

Splunk, Paddington. Furniture by Hunts. Photo: Marek Sikora

Antibacterial Surfaces

As a public space with heavy footfall, hygiene and sanitation are pivotal for reassuring workers and providing enhanced peace of mind. In addition to the implementation of hand-sanitisers and open-plan seating configurations there are other factors that can be taken into account to promote hygiene.

For example, many manufacturers are now introducing antibacterial surfaces into their shared space. Tiles for example, with their inherent antibacterial and anti-slip properties are easy to clean, maintain and are also available in a range of unique designs to remain visually pleasing and on trend. CTD Architectural Tiles prides itself on offering a diverse selection of antibacterial tile options, suitable for application on both the wall and floor – these forward-thinking tiles are extremely versatile. Delight for example, replicates the visual characteristics of marble, for a safe yet stylish floor covering with an added touch of luxury.

CDTA Tiles Anthracite

CTD Architectural Tiles, Bow Collection

CDTA Tiles Calacattaoro

CTD Architectural Tiles, Delight Collection

Bring the Outdoors In

Another trend that has taken the office design industry by storm is biophilic design, many more offices are looking for new and interesting ways to bring the outdoors in. From an earthy, nature-inspired colour palette to a living-wall or abundance of plant life – there are many benefits to introducing the outside world into your workspace.

Plants are an ideal way to style a bland open-plan space as they add depth and intrigue, by layering species of different heights and colouring you can create visual contrast and interest.

However, designers instead can look to introduce natural, raw materials such as reclaimed wood – this is another way to connect with the environment and to contribute to the mindful and sustainable re-purposing of its natural resources. From stunning wooden floors, to bespoke cladding – wood can be used as an accent or to create an impactful feature in any commercial space.

With so many factors to consider when it comes to office design, stay ahead of the trends by introducing elements that enhance employee satisfaction alongside exuding timeless style.

Lumentum Hunts Office Marek Sikora Photography Large 10

Lumentum Offices by Hunts - Photo: Marek Sikora

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