BuzziBracks Modular Acoustic System

by BuzziSpace

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A room within a room...with a view.

Design your own environment, rearrange the furniture, hold a meeting, and create a spot where you can concentrate while remaining linked to the outside world. With this adaptable and modular unit structure, everything is possible.

Please note there a many possible configurations for the BuzziBracks. Please enquire for more information.

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BuzziBracks was created in response to the need for more flexible and innovative ways of working. This modular unit system may be assembled in a variety of ways in open spaces to create distinct locations - to work, focus, rest, or meet. The curtains, which come in a variety of colours, serve as a visual and aural barrier between two zones, separating one from the other. For seclusion, mix transparent and opaque drapes and open and close them as needed. Create and replicate microenvironments in open workspaces on a regular basis as your own architect.

A modular unit system

...with no boundaries. The dynamic, metal framework can be created and recreated according to everyday needs—either for meeting, calling, focusing or collaborating. The curtains add an extra layer of functionality, acting as both an acoustic and visual shield to the outside world.

Accessorise to your needs

Use it empty and furnish it yourself or as a plug-in system, using the specially-designed accessories — from bigger items, such as meeting tables, shelves, and sofas, to smaller ones like coat hangers, flags and pin-up boards to make it lively and more functional.

Play with colours and materials

Mix-and-match colors for both the frame and curtains. Choose from seven powder coated metal colors along with numerous curtains options, opaque or transparent to create different dynamics.

Tone it down

With the U-shaped design and accompanying curtains, sound is trapped inside each zone. Despite a lightweight and for some, transparent, appearance, the acoustic curtains absorb sound from both sides, front and back, while the natural folds in the fabric help spread sound waves.

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Product specification

Bracks Types

Medium / High / Extra High


Beige Red (RAL 3012) / Black (RAL 9005) / Black Green (RAL 6012) / Light Green (RAL 6027) / Pastel Blue (RAL 5024) / Pastel Green (6019) / Signal Grey (RAL 7004)

Surface Worktops and Shelves

Antwerp Oak / White Laminate


Powder coated metal (same colour as frame)

Acoustic Performance

Maximum Absorption of Low, Mid & High Tones


Attenuation / Diffusion / Absorption

Options Extras

Shelves / Worktop / Accessories / Electrification / Cover / Pinboard BuzziFelt / Hooks / Universal Mount / Flag

Cable Options

Horizontal Cable Clips / Vertical Cable Manager

Curtain Upholstery

Frost / Daybreak 2 / BuzziVelvet / Dawn 2 / Zulu 2 / Drops / Mi Casa / Drops Acoustic / Bonus


1600mm / 2400mm / 3200mm


1200mm / 1500mm


1510mm / 1885mm / 2260mm

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