BuzziPicNic Meet | High | 800mm-1200mm Depth

by BuzziSpace

£3,890.00 ex.VAT £4,668.00 inc.VAT

It's in the details.

At work, let your hair down and have a picnic! Work, go to a meeting, grab a bite to eat, or have a drink with coworkers are all options. Find out more about this multi-talented family that provides a healthy dose of energy and fun to the office.


BuzziPicNic Meet High Finishes



Ash Natural

Ash Natural


Ash Black Stained

Ash Black Stained


Ash White Wash

Ash White Wash



Ash Walnut Stained


Oak swatch



Ash Lacquered Blue Buzzi

Ash Lacquered Blue


Ash Lacquered Green Buzzi

Ash Lacquered Green


Ash Lacquered Red Buzzi

Ash Lacquered Red


Ash Lacquered Yellow Buzzi

Ash Lacquered Yellow


Ash Lacquered White Buzzi

Ash Lacquered White

BuzziPicNic Desk High Electrification




No Electrification


Cable Box Single Picnic

Cable Box Single

BuzziPicNic Desk High Socket Options





Sockets Picnic

4 x Socket


Sockets 2 Picnic

2 x Socket + 1 x Double Data + 1 x Double USB

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BuzziSpace has once again lifted the bar for office space. Alain Gilles, an in-house designer, takes it a step further with the BuzziPicNic.

You may now work, hold a meeting, eat lunch, or have a beverage with your employees at the same adjustable table. Activate the grill and open the windows!

Solid wood and innovation

BuzziPicNic steals the show for its solid wood material and innovative features. It is truly designed with an eye for details. Combine several BuzziPicNic models to experience how they can help you to collaborate better.

Always keep your mobile device at hand by sliding them in the skillfully carved out cutouts. To feed your hungry devices, plug a charger in the integrated electrification boxes which are nicely hidden underneath solid wooden covers.


BuzziPicNic Workbench is the hero of the family and deserves to be the center of your workspace or living room. It attracts people from afar to collaborate, work or meet over a cup of coffee.

BuzziDesk FlipFlop is a perfect addition for those seeking a bit more privacy along or go with BuzziDesk Cross that easily transforms any meeting table into four individual workstations.


BuzziPicNic Meet is the smaller brother of the Workbench. Get together with your family or colleagues—if these aren't already the same—to meet about that next big project or have a healthy lunch.


Keep your focus at BuzziPicNic Desk, the dedicated workstation of the family. This unconventional desk features a cleverly positioned electrification box and cable management options. Add a perfectly fitting BuzziFrontDesk for extra privacy.


A table is only as good as the seating around it—that's how the saying goes, right? BuzziPicNic Bench is the perfect companion for every PicNic table. Sit back on the beautiful solid wood or pick up a cushion if you want something a bit more comfortable.


The addition of BuzziPicNic Round to the family was a logical next step. Combining the solid wood, the clever details, and the advantages of a round table, results in a beautiful and functional table. Grab lunch with your colleagues or work apart together.

About the designer

Alain Gilles started designing for BuzziSpace in 2009. Since then his portfolio has grown immensely, continuing to create solutions that push the boundaries of work and life.

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Product specification






Ash Natural / Ash Black Stained / Ash White Wash / Ash Walnut Stained / Oak / Ash Lacquered Blue / Ash Lacquered Green / Ash Lacquered Red / Ash Lacquered Yellow / Ash Lacquered White


1600mm / 1800mm / 2000mm / 2200mm / 2400mm


800mm / 900mm / 1000mm / 1200mm




45.69Kg / 49.79Kg / 50.20Kg / 54.71Kg / 54.76Kg / 55.89Kg / 59.69Kg / 60.44Kg / 61.60kg / 64.99Kg / 66.61Kg / 67.31Kg / 69.54Kg / 71.61Kg / 72.77Kg / 73.63Kg / 76.62Kg / 78.23Kg / 81.16kg / 83.69Kg / 88.69Kg

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