BuzziShield Desk Acoustic Partition

by BuzziSpace

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BuzziShield Desk is a expansive desk partition that instantly makes private and cosy workstations all while absorbing noise and boosting visual privacy so focused work can take place. Build your own private workstations with these beautiful acoustic partitions.

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Please note that the BuzziShield is available on a quick ship lead time (1-2 Weeks) with the BuzziFabric upholstery and black feet as part of BuzziSpace's Ready2Go program.


BuzziShield Fabric Finish (BuzziFabric/Kvadrat Revive 1)



Buzzi Fabric BFA 33 Autumn

BuzziFabric Autumn


Buzzi Fabric BFA 16 Electric

BuzziFabric Electric


Buzzi Fabric BFA 42 Jade

BuzziFabric Jade


Buzzi Fabric BFA 1001 Mid Grey

BuzziFabric MidGrey


Buzzi Fabric BFA 57 Silver

BuzziFabric Silver


Natural BFA 1

BuzziFabric Natural


Buzzi Fabric BFA 61 Bottle

BuzziFabric Bottle


Buzzi Fabric BFA 39 Lila

BuzziFabric Lila



Kvadrat Revive 1 0144



Kvadrat Revive 1 0154



Kvadrat Revive 1 0164



Kvadrat Revive 1 0184



Kvadrat Revive 1 0194



Kvadrat Revive 1 0224



Kvadrat Revive 1 0274



Kvadrat Revive 1 0284



Kvadrat Revive 1 0324



Kvadrat Revive 1 0384



Kvadrat Revive 1 0414



Kvadrat Revive 1 0424



Kvadrat Revive 1 0434



Kvadrat Revive 1 0454



Kvadrat Revive 1 0524



Kvadrat Revive 1 0534



Kvadrat Revive 1 0634



Kvadrat Revive 1 0664



Kvadrat Revive 1 0754



Kvadrat Revive 1 0764



Kvadrat Revive 1 0774



Kvadrat Revive 1 0834



Kvadrat Revive 1 0914



Kvadrat Revive 1 0944



Kvadrat Revive 1 0974

BuzziShield Base Colour



RAL 9005

Black (RAL 9005)

BuzziShield Desk Partition Base Options



Foot Buzzi Shield Desk



L Buzzi Shield Desk

L (Worktop: 12mm > 27mm)


L Plus Buzzi Shield Desk

L-Plus (Worktop: 18mm > 43mm)


XL Buzzi Shield Desk

XL (Worktop: 28mm > 57mm)

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The lightweight and portable acoustic solution has a wide upholstered body (70 mm) that’s durable enough to sit on top of a desk by placing it on its metal feet or secure the acoustic solution to the edge of a desk with its modestly sized clamps. Add more than one BuzziShield Desk to distinguish several workstations, or use them individually.

BuzziShield Desk comes in two alternative heights (400 mm and 600 mm); three different lengths; and can be upholstered in a mix of fabrics and colours to match your existing workspace. You can also pin notes, pictures, or whatever you like into BuzziShield Desk to truly make it your own.

Private workstations

Instantly create private and snug workstations with BuzziShield Desk. The voluminous desk partition adds a playful design element to any workstation, all while providing visual privacy and absorbing noise in a room so focus work can be done.

Voluminous body

Due to its thick upholstered body (7 cm/2.8”), BuzziShield Desk won’t create a cold and stiff atmosphere compared to its glass and plastic counterparts. Its rich shape instantly creates a warm and welcoming environment in any workspace.

Easy to install

Designed with a sturdy structure, BuzziShield Desk can easily sit on top of a table by placing it on its metal feet or secure the workstation privacy screen to the edge of a desk with its unobtrusive fixes (available in black only). Combine more than one to define multiple workstations, or use them individually.

Make it your own

The lightweight BuzziShield Desk arrives in two different heights (40 cm/15.7” and 60 cm/23.6”); three different lengths; and can be dressed in a variety of fabrics and colours to match your existing workspace. You can also pin notes, pictures, or whatever you like into BuzziShield Desk to truly make it your own.

Tone it down

BuzziShield Desk works well to absorb and attenuate mid, low, and high frequencies at their point of origin due to its thick upholstered body. Unlike its glass and plastic counterparts, BuzziShield Desk also prevents sound transfers between workstations for improved speech privacy, which in turn helps to keep your workplace a happy and healthy one.

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Product specification


Upholstered acoustic foam element


Powder coated metal in black (RAL 9005)


Fabric, Trevira CS|CS+, Revive 1, Velvet, Clara 2, Remix 3, Hero, Tonus 4, Memory 2

Fixing Options

Foot / L / L-Plus / XL


600mm / 1000mm / 1400mm




400mm / 600mm

Acoustic Performance

Maximum Absorption of Low, Mid & High Tones

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