Conference Room Tables

Visually appealing. Functional, with purpose — A modern conference table is the focal point of every boardroom — Find the centrepiece of your meeting space with the help of brands like Steelcase, Elite and Quadrifoglio.

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Modular Boardroom Tables

Choosing the right boardroom table is vital for the fast-paced, agile office. Complement your workspace and accelerate productivity with a design that suits you.

Everyone knows the best place to gather together to fix problems and develop solutions is the conference room. Get away from the confinements of a desk and get your heads together at the conference room table for essential collaboration. Integrate technology into your workplace with a plug and play conference meeting table, or add a touch of luxury with a veneer conference table. Whichever style you opt for, an office conference table helps you unite, swap ideas, and communicate effectively.

Customise Your Conference Room Furniture

Looking to make a statement with your conference room furniture? We’ve got you covered.

Why not add a glass conference table? Or a glass boardroom table and chairs? It will optimise your space, making it appear bigger and more expansive. Not to mention the touch of sophistication and elegance it brings.

A boardroom instantly conveys your level of success – and your personality - to clients, visitors and guests. A design-led space with the right equipment creates a welcoming atmosphere, enables you to focus and encourages engagement.

Meet, discuss and collaborate in the boardroom with a conference room that keeps you connected.

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