Acoustic Office Screens & Panels

Transform your sound environment to promote interaction, collaboration and communication – all while boosting productivity. From stylish acoustic screens to office room dividers, our range of office acoustics promote a stimulating and dynamic way of working.

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Office Acoustics for Every Setting

Reduce noise levels and drive productivity with office acoustics that surpass expectation. Whether it’s for an office, meeting room or conference suite, you can create a relaxed environment with maximum efficiency.

Looking for interactive acoustic seating that doesn’t compromise on quality or function? Our sound-balancing seats are a must for absorbing external noise and delivering exceptional acoustic performance.

But why stop there? Investing in office room dividers and partitions creates a peaceful ambience that adds depth to any open plan space. Designed with a series of rotating acoustic blinds, partitions allow for controlled privacy levels, aiding concentration. Acoustic desk dividers capture sound waves, creating a focus zone and keeping out unwanted noise.

Avoid unwanted sound and poor lighting – two of the most common problems in the workplace – by selecting acoustic lighting, acoustic wall tiles and acoustic wall panels that block out both echoing voices and unwanted glare. To take it one step further and opt for our office screens to reduce any sound transfers between zones.

From desk screen dividers to desk partitions, choose design-led office acoustics to optimise space and reduce noise throughout. Browse our collection today.

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