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Acoustic Office Elements

Transform your sound environment to promote interaction, collaboration and communication – all while boosting productivity. From stylish acoustic screens to office room dividers, our range of office acoustics promote a stimulating and dynamic way of working.

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Did you know that poor workplace acoustics can lead to increased stress, reduced concentration levels, and even a decline in productivity? It’s true - everything from echoing or ‘bounce back’ in meeting rooms to sound reverberation in shared spaces and breakout rooms can really impact how your team performs. Fortunately, the experts here at Hunts Office can help.

Each item in our range of acoustic office screens and panels has been designed to improve the sound quality of a specific room or area by absorbing and diffusing residual sound. This can remove problematic workplace echoing and sound reverberation, allowing employees to concentrate.

Create a work environment that helps to promote clear communication, integration, and collaboration with the help of our expertly designed and stylish office acoustic panels.

Expert advice and stylish solutions

Not sure which type of panel would work best in your workplace or worried that the addition of acoustic solutions might ruin your office’s unique aesthetic? When you come to Hunts Office, our design team and acoustic experts will visit your workspace to professionally assess the acoustics. We will then help you to select the best-suited solutions for your workspace based on our findings and your own style preferences. After all, office acoustic solutions are no longer restricted to ugly wall-mounted panels.

We also offer beautifully crafted noise-reducing lighting, which hang from the ceiling and double-up as sound-absorbing panels. These design-led items effectively solve two of the most common problems in the workplace - lighting and acoustics - with one smart solution.

Quality office acoustics for all settings

Our acoustic office screens are designed to look great as well as function effectively. Our collection features items made by top designers such as Buzzi Space, Steelcase, and Allermuir, meaning finding the perfect acoustic solutions for your office in your choice of unique design, material, colour, and size, has never been easier.

So, whether you’re looking to improve the soundscape of your entire open plan office, or simply enhance the acoustics of individual meeting rooms, studios, conference suites or break rooms, we’ve got you covered.

Discover our entire range of office accessories and find the perfect acoustic solutions to complement your interior design and office furniture today.

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