Montara 650 Rocker Chair without Arms

by Coalesse

From: £804.00 ex.VAT £964.80 inc.VAT

Rockers are naturally packed with positive associations of comfort, wellbeing and warmth. The Montara 650 Rocker without Arms brings these dimensions of comfort to work, with vital style and adaptability. Simple. Social. Refined.

For hundreds more fabric colours available with the Coalesse Montara 650 – Please Enquire.

Montara 650 Upholstery Colours (Era/Atlantic)


Onyx 5 ER9 1000

Onyx 5 ER9

Electric Indigo 5 EU2 1000

Electric Indigo 5 EU2

Royal Blue 5 ES6 1000

Royal Blue 5 ES6

Harbor 5 ER1 1000

Harbor 5 ER1

Cobalt 5 ER0 1000

Cobalt 5 ER0

Blue Mint 5 ES5 1000

Blue Mint 5 ES5

Canary 5 ER4 1000

Canary 5 ER4

Pistachio 5 ER3 1000

Pistachio 5 ER3

Green Citrine 5 EU3 1000

Green Citrine 5 EU3

Sprout 5 ES4 1000

Sprout 5 ES4

Olivine 5 ET3 1000 1

Olivine 5 ET3

Night Owl 5 ES7 1000

Night Owl 5 ES7

Truffle 5 ER6 1000

Truffle 5 ER6

Storm Cloud 5 EU4 1000

Storm Cloud 5 EU4

Blue Nickel 5 ER2 1000

Blue Nickel 5 ER2

Comet 5 ER5 1000

Comet 5 ER5

Oatmeal 5 ES2 1000

Oatmeal 5 ES2

Lentil 5 ES1 1000

Lentil 5 ES1

Persimmon 5 ES3 1000

Persimmon 5 ES3

Pink Lemonade 5 ER8 1000

Pink Lemonade 5 ER8

Rose Quartz 5 ET1 1000 1

Rose Quartz 5 ET1

Saffron 5 ER7 1000

Saffron 5 ER7

Scarlet 5 ES0 1000

Scarlet 5 ES0

Atlantic AT04 Black

Black AT04

Atlantic Pepper AT10 New1

Pepper AT10

Root Beer AT18 EMEA 1000

Root Beer AT18

Atlantic AT02 Grey

Grey AT02

Atlantic AT17 Nickel

Nickel AT17

Atlantic AT20 Malt Beige

Malt Beige AT20

Atlantic AT25 Aubergine

Aubergine AT25

Concord Purple AT23 1000

Concord Purple AT23

Atlantic AT06 Blue

Blue AT06

Royal Blue AT08 EMEA 1000

Royal Blue AT08

Blue Jay AT16 EMEA 1000

Blue Jay AT16

Atlantic AT30 Lagoon

Lagoon AT30

Atlantic AT26 Paecock

Peacock AT26

Jungle AT27 emea 1000

Jungle AT27

Atlantic AT28 Merlot

Merlot AT28

Atlantic AT15 Scarlet

Scarlet AT15

AT01 EMEA 1000

Rouge AT01

Atlantic AT19 Tangerine Orange

Tangerine Orange AT19

Atlantic Wasabi Apple Green AT21 1000

Wasabi Apple Green AT21

Canary AT22 1000

Canary AT22

Honey AT29 emea 1000

Honey AT29

Coconut AT14 EMEA 1000

Coconut AT14

Montara 650 Frame Finishes


Black Matte 4710

Black Matte 4710

Black Gloss 4144 EMEA 1000

Black Gloss 4144

Midnight Brown Matte 4193 EMEA 1000

Midnight Brown Matte 4193

Midnight Brown Gloss 4148 EMEA 1000

Midnight Brown Gloss 4148

Graphite Matte 4180

Graphite Matte 4180

Graphite Gloss 4138 EMEA 1000

Graphite Gloss 4138

Milk Matte 4242

Milk Matte 4242

Milk Gloss 4145 EMEA 1000

Milk Gloss 4145

Champagne 4146

Champagne 4146

Platinum Matte 4141 EMEA 1000

Platinum Matte 4141

Trivalent Chrome 9201 1000

Trivalent Chrome 9201

Montara 650 Base Finishes


Black Oak VP03 EMEA 1000

Black Oak VP03

Grey Oak OG

Grey Oak OG

Oak Light OB EMEA 1000

Oak Light OB

Smoked Oak OS

Smoked Oak OS

White Oak OW

White Oak OW

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Being part of the Montara650 Collection, the rocker presents the same light, modern lines, simple luxury and rich opportunities for customization — upholstery, shell and frame can all be tailored to express your vision.

And, there are genuine advantages to the very act of rocking at work. Research shows that the unique motion of rocking helps to build social connections, in addition to promoting relaxation. Rocking, it turns out, can move people together. With the Montara650 Rocker, you can rock to relate and to feel better, beautifully.

Product specification




Plywood Oak Shell

Shell Finish

Oak Light / Grey Oak / Smoked Oak / White Oak / Black Oak


Seat Only / Three Quarter Upholstery / Full Upholstery


Multiple Colour Options Available


Painted or Chrome Finish in Multiple Colours


Solid Oak Runner

Base Finish

Natural Finish







Seat Height


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