Node Tripod Base Chair without Table

by Steelcase

£489.00 ex.VAT £586.80 inc.VAT

The Node chair is mobile and flexible. It's designed for quick, easy transitions from one teaching mode to the next. With Node, a classroom can transition from lecture mode to team mode without interruption.

Node Shell Colours



Black RAL 9005

Black 05


Navy Blue 36 EMEA 1000

Navy Blue 36


Purple 6 BC2 EMEA 1000

Purple 6 BC2


Platinum PM EMEA 1000

Platinum PM


Baby Blue B9 EMEA 1000

Baby Blue B9


Chili 38 EMEA 1000

Chili 38


Orange 09 EMEA 1000

Orange 09


Flash 6334 EMEA 1000

Flash 6334


Artic White Gloss WG EMEA 1000

Artic White Gloss WM


Aubergine 6 BD1 1000

Aubergine 6 BD1


Jungle 6 BD3 1000

Jungle 6 BD3


Peacock 6 BD2 1000

Peacock 6 BD2


Merlot 6 BD4 1000

Merlot 6 BD4


Saffron 6 BD7 1000

Saffron 6 BD7


Lagoon 6 BD6 1000

Lagoon 6 BD6


Honey 6 BD5 1000

Honey 6 BD5


Wasabi VP EMEA 1000

Wasabi VP

Node Optional Seat Pillow (Era)




Without Pillow


Onyx 5 ER9 1000

Onyx 5 ER9


Electric Indigo 5 EU2 1000

Electric Indigo 5 EU2


Royal Blue 5 ES6 1000

Royal Blue 5 ES6


Harbor 5 ER1 1000

Harbor 5 ER1


Cobalt 5 ER0 1000

Cobalt 5 ER0


Blue Mint 5 ES5 1000

Blue Mint 5 ES5


Canary 5 ER4 1000

Canary 5 ER4


Pistachio 5 ER3 1000

Pistachio 5 ER3


Green Citrine 5 EU3 1000

Green Citrine 5 EU3


Sprout 5 ES4 1000

Sprout 5 ES4


Olivine 5 ET3 1000 1

Olivine 5 ET3


Night Owl 5 ES7 1000

Night Owl 5 ES7


Truffle 5 ER6 1000

Truffle 5 ER6


Storm Cloud 5 EU4 1000

Storm Cloud 5 EU4


Blue Nickel 5 ER2 1000

Blue Nickel 5 ER2


Comet 5 ER5 1000

Comet 5 ER5


Oatmeal 5 ES2 1000

Oatmeal 5 ES2


Lentil 5 ES1 1000

Lentil 5 ES1


Persimmon 5 ES3 1000

Persimmon 5 ES3


Pink Lemonade 5 ER8 1000

Pink Lemonade 5 ER8


Rose Quartz 5 ET1 1000 1

Rose Quartz 5 ET1


Saffron 5 ER7 1000

Saffron 5 ER7


Scarlet 5 ES0 1000

Scarlet 5 ES0

Node Without Table Base Finish



Platinum PM EMEA 1000

Platinum PM

Steelcase Castors




Wheels for Carpet



Wheels for Hard Floors

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  • The flexible seat keeps you comfortable in a variety of postures and swivels to keep sight lines open between student and instructor, whiteboard, and other students
  • Open seat design offers easy access, while arms serve as backpack hooks
  • Comfort without upholstery means easy maintenance
  • Base keeps backpacks and valuable personal belongings off of the floor
  • In high-density classrooms, students are often forced to move against the wall and the Node supports active learning, while minimising contact
  • Casters lend mobility for quick, easy transitions
  • Durable and tough enough to support up to 300lbs
  • The Node Tripod Base is manufactured for commercial office use and comes with an 12-year warranty* (please see product specification for full details).

*all dimensions displayed are for the High Back model.

Product specification


Fixed Arm




Flexible Plastic Back for Comfort and Easy Maintenance. Also available in Mid-Back.



Other Features

Storage under seat with Arms as Backpack Hangers.

Overall Dimensions W x D x H (mm)

603 x 635 x 889

Seat Width


Seat Depth


Seat Height



Hard or Soft

Seat Rotation


Frame Finish

Plastic with Multiple Colour Options

Base Finish

Platinum / Near Black / Element, Solid Plastic




Educational / Commercial Office Use


12 Years (*5 years for surface materials, textiles)

Model Number


Encouraging Collaboration

As well as being designed to aid learning, Steelcase's Node Classroom Chair range makes an ideal contribution to offices and meeting rooms. The Node chair is mobile and flexible, designed for quick, easy transitions between room configurations. Node allows conference rooms to switch to a more collaborative environment, and back again, with no interruption.

The range is customisable to meet all creative work needs and is available in a number of different vibrant and classic colours to suit all preferences.

The Node chair is mobile and flexible. It's designed for quick, easy transitions from one room configuration to the next. With Node, a space can transition from presentation mode to team mode and back again, without interruption. The benefits of Node aren’t confined to the classroom. Today’s workplace also thrives on collaboration, transition, and movement—qualities integral to the design of Node. A space shouldn’t dictate the quality of a presentation. Knowing this, Node is designed with a mobile base allowing the space to be easily arranged into presentation mode, group mode and back again, and even has storage space. In a meeting, a space can easily be shifted from presentation to team-based activities and back again. A chair so thoughtfully designed can be summed up with three simple words: move, store, fit.

Case Study - Cats College Cambridge

Here is the UKs first Video Case Study of Steelcase - The Project is Cats College Cambridge which has 37 Class Rooms, Canteen, Auditorium, Staff Rooms, Common Room and Reception Areas.

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