Ottima Portico Fixed Height Desk | 600mm/800mm Depth

by Steelcase

£265.00 ex.VAT £318.00 inc.VAT

The product of a rapid, agile development cycle the Ottima Portico Fixed Height Desk brings the workstation back to basics, giving a simple and sleek solution that is both best-in-class and best-in-price.


Ottima Portico Top / Edge Finishes



Natural maple 160 ET160 EMEA 1000 new

Natural Maple


Crystal G0230 EMEA 1000



Clear oak 2 LAK 1000

Clear Oak


Grey Oak 2 LGO 1000

Grey Oak


Natural Beech V2 BM 1000

Natural Beech


Walnut 2 2 LW5 2 TH7 1000



Acacia AT EMEA 1000



Seagull 6053 1000



Platinum Metallic Silver

Platinum Metallic Silver




Ottima Portico Leg And Cable Tray (Optional) Finish



Cloud 1 ATB 1000

Cloud 1ATB


1 ATJ 1000

Sea Salt 1ATJ


1 ATK 1000

Citrine 1ATK


4 AQ8 1000

Wasabi 4AQ8


4 AQ9 1000

Scarlet 4AQ9


4 AV3 1000

Blue Jay AV3


Tangerine 4 AX1

Tangerine 4AX1


4 CZ1 1000

Aubergine 4CZ1


4 CZ2 1000

Peacock 4CZ2


4 CZ3 1000

Jungle 4CZ3


4 CZ4 1000

Merlot 4CZ4


4 CZ5 1000

Honey CZ5


4 CZ6 1000

Lagoon 4CZ6


4 CZ7 1000

Saffron 4CZ7


4 EE9 1000

Electric Indigo 4EE9


MG paint EMEA 1000

Merle MG


6000 1000

Pearl Black PB


4799 1000

Platinum Metallic (Silver) SL


ZN EMEA 1000

Pearl Grey 0 ZN


ZW EMEA 1000

Pearl Snow ZW

Ottima Portico Top Access




No Access


Edge Cut Out

Edge Cut Out


Plastic Top Access

Plastic Top Access


Melamine Top Access

Melamine Top Access

Ottima Portico Cable Management




No Cable Tray


Cable Tray Portico1

Medium Capacity Cable Tray

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A straightforward statement of line and clean design details make it the perfect addition to any home office or workplace. With the industry’s leading warranty, customers have peace of mind that Ottima Portico delivers on quality and performance over time.

Design Details

The square leg on Ottima Portico offers a classic design aesthetic that pairs well with other residential or commercial furniture. A range of accent colours allow you to customize and match the desk or bench to any space. Ottima Portico is easy to assemble and rearrange, making it a smart choice for individuals and organisations alike as needs change over time.

Height Adjustment

Ottima Portico is available at a standard height of 735mm, but an easy-to-install screw allows for an 80mm height adjustment, bringing the height of the desk or bench to 815mm.


Dial-up privacy with specific screens designed for the bench or a modesty panel in PET or steel finishes on the desk. A C-clamp connects Divisio or Partito screens from the Steelcase portfolio to the desk for an easy option.

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Product specification

Table Top

Straight Leg Type 10

Top Finishes

Natural Maple / Natural Beech / Crystal / Seagull / Clear Oak / Acacia / Clear Walnut / Platinum Metallic / Snow

Corner Style


Modesty Panel


Front Screen

Divisio Frameless / Partito

Leg Finishes

Wasabi / Aubergine / Honey / Scarlet / Peacock / Blue Jay / Jungle / Tangerine / Merlot / Lagoon / Saffron / Merle / Pearl Black / Platinum Metallic / Pearl Grey / Pearl Snow / Electric Indigo / Citrine / Sea Salt / Cloud

Horizontal Cable Management

Medium Capacity Cable Tray

Optional Extras

Modesty panel in steel or PET finish on the desk / Melamine Top Access / Plastic Top Access / Edge Cut Out

Melamine / Plastic Top Access Finish

White / Grey

Modesty Panel PET



1200 mm / 1400 mm / 1600 mm / 1800 mm


600 mm / 800 mm


735 mm


12 Years (5 years for surface materials, textiles, melamine decors)

How To Assemble The Desk

Ottima Portico Fixed Height Desk brings the workstation back to basics, giving a simple and sleek solution that is both best-in-class and best-in-price. This video shows you the simple assembly process.

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