Series 1 Office Chair | Home Edition

by Steelcase

£450.00 ex.VAT £540.00 inc.VAT

The Steelcase Series 1 delivers performance, style options, and choice in a chair.

Ideal for working from home.

Please note that the chair is manufactured upon order to your custom specification. The chair comes fully assembled and boxed.

Also available: Office Edition

Series One 3D Micro Knit Back Upholstery Colours (Home Edition)



Black 5 T21

Black - 5T21


Graphite 5 T29

Graphite - 5T29


Aubergine 5 T32 1000

Aubergine - 5T32


Concord 5 T28

Concord - 5T28


Royal Blue 5 T22

Royal Blue - 5T22


5 T23 Blue Jay

Blue Jay - 5T23


Lagoon 5 T37

Lagoon - 5T37


5 T20 Nickel

Nickel - 5T20


Seagull 05 KR05 1000

Seagull - 5T31


Malt 5 T25

Malt - 5T25


Tangerine 5 T27

Tangerine - 5T27


Jungle 5 T34 1000

Jungle - 5T34


Peacock 5 T34 1000

Peacock - 5T33


Wasabi 5 T26

Wasabi - 5T26


Honey AT29 emea 1000

Honey - 5T36


Canary 5 T30

Canary - 5T30


Saffron 5 T38 1000

Saffron 5T38


Merlot 5 T35

Merlot - 5T35


Scarlet 5 T24

Scarlet - 5T24

Series One Seat Upholstery Colours (Home Edition)



Black 8004 EMEA 1000

Black 8004


Anthracite 8016 EMEA 1000

Anthracite 8016


Moleskin 8005 EMEA 1000

Moleskin 8005


Grey 8006 EMEA 1000

Grey 8006


Turquoise 8009 EMEA 1000

Turquoise 8009


Red 8012 EMEA 1000

Red 8012


Scarlet 8013 EMEA 1000

Scarlet 8013


Orange 8014 EMEA 1000

Orange 8014


8017 Mocca

Mocca 8017


8018 Lemon

Lemon 8018


8019 Saffron

Saffron 8019


8020 Cloud

Cloud 8020


8021 Blue

Blue 8021


8022 Night Blue

Night Blue 8022


8023 Avocado

Avocado 8023


8024 Oregano

Oregano 8024

Series One Arm Options (Home Edition)



Series 1 Home Seagull 4d Arms


Series One Frame / Base Colours



Atlantic AT04 Black



Seagull Frame Finish B7 Plastic


Series One Base Polished Base




Base Matches Frame


Gesture polished aluminium base swatch

Polished Aluminium

Steelcase Castors




Wheels for Carpet



Wheels for Hard Floors

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Steelcase Series 1 office chair delivers on what’s important — performance, style and choice. It retains everything that’s valued in a chair, while making it attainable for everyone.

  • Adjustable lumbar support dials in maximum comfort
  • Weight-activated tilt mechanism reacts accordingly as you sit and move – with one additional tension setting to boost the resistance you sense as you recline and an upright back stop locking you in an upright position
  • The weight-activated tilt mechanism is synchronised so the seat and back work in tandem with each other, allowing the body to be securely supported in the chair and feet firmly planted on the floor so you can recline without leaving your optimal zone for seeing and reaching your work
  • Strong yet flexible foam with adaptive bolstering (air pockets under the foam) in the seat conforms to the body and produces pressure-free comfort
  • Fully adjustable armrests raise up and down, pivot in and out, and shift forward and back and side to side, to allow for steady support for your arms so your shoulders can stay in comfortable fixed position
  • The Series 1 Office Chair is manufactured for domestic use and comes with an 5-year warranty* (please see product specification for full details).

Steelcase Series 1 provides a copious amount of choice that enables organisations to express their brand in a way that represents them best.

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Product specification


4D - Height, Width, Pivot and Depth Adjustable




Liveback Technology with Adjustable Lumbar Support


3D Micro Knit

Overall Dimensions W x D x H (mm)

686 x 603 x 1048

Seat Width


Seat Depth


Seat Height



Hard or Soft Castors / Glides

Seat Rotation


Frame Finish

Seagull / Black / Polished Aluminium

Shock Absorber

Not Included




Domestic Use


5 Years

Model Number


Steelcase Series One - Seating Adjustment

With a lightweight, slim profile and one of the smallest footprints - Steelcase Series 1 performs well in any setting, from collaboration to focus spaces. This video shows you how to adjust the chair correctly.

Brand Colours? No problem.

Series 1 offers myriad of colour choices and configurations. Find the perfect fit for your organisation. This video gives you a quick preview of the wide range of different configurations you can have.

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