Savina Modular Sofa

by Viccarbe

From: £5,223.00 ex.VAT £6,267.60 inc.VAT

Savina, a cutting-edge modular cloud sofa, introduces an array of convenient work-oriented options that redefine comfort in various settings such as offices, workplaces, homes, hotels, and hybrid spaces, opening up a whole new dimension of possibilities.

For hundreds more fabric colours available with the Viccarbe Savina – Please Enquire.

Savina Upholstery (Camira Xtreme)


Camira Xtreme YS009 Havana

Havana YS009

Padang YS145 WEB

Padang YS145

Camira Xtreme YS081 Blizzard

Blizzard YS081

Krabi YS141 WEB

Krabi YS141

Camira Xtreme YS026 Costa

Costa YS026

Bonaire YS172 WEB

Bonaire YS172

Camira Xtreme Curacao YS005

Curacao YS005

Camira Xtreme YS082 Scuba

Scuba YS082

Xtreme YS095 Steel

Steel YS095

Parasol YS073 WEB

Parasol YS073

Rum YS173 WEB

Rum YS173

Xtreme YS094 Slip

Slip YS094

Martinique YS004 WEB

Martinique YS004

Osumi YS171 WEB

Osumi YS171

Camira Xtreme Bluebell YS097

Bluebell YS097

Honeymoon YS035 WEB

Honeymoon YS035

Ocean YS100 WEB

Ocean YS100

Cayman YS024 WEB

Cayman YS024

Camira Xtreme YS084 Tarot

Tarot YS084

Tobago YS030 WEB

Tobago YS030

Camira Xtreme Twister YS083

Twister YS083

Xtreme YS045 Taboo

Taboo YS045

Tonga YS160 WEB

Tonga YS160

Windjammer YS047 WEB

Windjammer YS047

Xtreme YS159 Lombok

Lombok YS159

Apple YS096 WEB

Apple YS096

Madura YS156 WEB

Madura YS156

Camira Xtreme Appledore YS077

Appledore YS077

Aruba YS108 WEB

Aruba YS108

Camira Xtreme Nougat YS091

Nougat YS091

Sombrero YS046 WEB

Sombrero YS046

Xtreme YS102 Bridgetown

Bridgetown YS102

Diablo YS101 WEB

Diablo YS101

Xtreme YS136 Tokara

Tokara YS136

YS079 Panama Xtreme

Panama YS079

Belize YS105 WEB

Belize YS105

Camira Xtreme Lobster YS076

Lobster YS076

Tortuga YS168 WEB

Tortuga YS168

Xtreme YS072 Solano

Solano YS072

Campeche YS074 WEB

Campeche YS074

Adobo YS165 WEB

Adobo YS165

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Introducing Savina, a sofa envisioned by Victor Carrasco in 2022. Viccarbe's aim was to reimagine the sensation of sitting on a cloud or effortlessly gliding on water. This collaborative island offers customisation options to cater to individual preferences and can be effortlessly relocated, thanks to its discreet optional casters.

Savina serves as a versatile seating solution for shared environments, offering both visual and physical comfort. It is thoughtfully designed to foster collaboration, promoting harmonious interactions and providing an incredibly enjoyable working and lounging experience. Immerse yourself in a new era of plush collaborative comfort that is built to endure.

*Price and image is for Composition 9.

Product specification


Various Colours Available


Feet / Castors




Various Configurations Available (Please Enquire)

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