Torii Upholstered Bench | Small

by Viccarbe

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Torii is a stunning creation inspired by the exquisite aesthetics of traditional Japanese culture, emanating a design that embodies timeless sophistication. Taking inspiration from the arches found at the entrances of Shinto shrines, symbolising the passage from the ordinary to the sacred, Torii beautifully captures the essence of purity and elegance found within this rich cultural heritage.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Torii, where every curve and detail pays homage to the beauty and grace of Japan's esteemed artistic traditions, creating a captivating ambiance in any space it graces.

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Torii Upholstery (Camira Xtreme)



Camira Xtreme YS009 Havana

Havana YS009


Padang YS145 WEB

Padang YS145


Camira Xtreme YS081 Blizzard

Blizzard YS081


Krabi YS141 WEB

Krabi YS141


Camira Xtreme YS026 Costa

Costa YS026


Bonaire YS172 WEB

Bonaire YS172


Camira Xtreme Curacao YS005

Curacao YS005


Camira Xtreme YS082 Scuba

Scuba YS082


Xtreme YS095 Steel

Steel YS095


Parasol YS073 WEB

Parasol YS073


Rum YS173 WEB

Rum YS173


Xtreme YS094 Slip

Slip YS094


Martinique YS004 WEB

Martinique YS004


Osumi YS171 WEB

Osumi YS171


Camira Xtreme Bluebell YS097

Bluebell YS097


Honeymoon YS035 WEB

Honeymoon YS035


Ocean YS100 WEB

Ocean YS100


Cayman YS024 WEB

Cayman YS024


Camira Xtreme YS084 Tarot

Tarot YS084


Tobago YS030 WEB

Tobago YS030


Camira Xtreme Twister YS083

Twister YS083


Xtreme YS045 Taboo

Taboo YS045


Tonga YS160 WEB

Tonga YS160


Windjammer YS047 WEB

Windjammer YS047


Xtreme YS159 Lombok

Lombok YS159


Apple YS096 WEB

Apple YS096


Madura YS156 WEB

Madura YS156


Camira Xtreme Appledore YS077

Appledore YS077


Aruba YS108 WEB

Aruba YS108


Camira Xtreme Nougat YS091

Nougat YS091


Sombrero YS046 WEB

Sombrero YS046


Xtreme YS102 Bridgetown

Bridgetown YS102


Diablo YS101 WEB

Diablo YS101


Xtreme YS136 Tokara

Tokara YS136


YS079 Panama Xtreme

Panama YS079


Belize YS105 WEB

Belize YS105


Camira Xtreme Lobster YS076

Lobster YS076


Tortuga YS168 WEB

Tortuga YS168


Xtreme YS072 Solano

Solano YS072


Campeche YS074 WEB

Campeche YS074


Adobo YS165 WEB

Adobo YS165

Torii Base Finishes








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Conceived in 2018 by the renowned designers L + R Palomba, this timeless bench was originally envisioned as a minimalist seating solution, exuding a distinctive personality. Torii showcases a captivating design, seamlessly uniting two wooden elements through a unique and easily recognisable metal framework.

Notably, Torii's visual allure extends beyond its frontal perspective, equally captivating from the rear view, elevating its overall impact to new heights. Embrace the enduring charm of Torii, where every angle is a testament to its thoughtful design and artistic brilliance, making it a captivating addition to any space it graces.

Product specification


Various Colours Available


Calibrated Powder Coated Steel In Thermoreinforced Polyester

Base Finishes

Black / White







Seat Depth


Seat Height




Viccarbe Torii Upholstered Bench | Large In Office Setting
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