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Workspace Design & Space Planning

Office Design. Space planning. Furniture curation. Interior design. And the finishing touches to bring it all together. Our design team will guide you to create a truly inspiring workplace.

Great workplace design starts with something incredibly obvious: understanding how you work. That’s why we ask questions that get to the heart of what you, your team and your clients really need. It might be as simple as fewer desks. It might be a layout tailored to specific tasks. Or a third space where you actually want to spend time. Our experienced team can help you through the entire process – from the first idea to placing the final cushion.

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Best practice
Better results

We get to know your team and how they work. Then design a space that helps them do what they do, better. That might mean a collaborative working space or an extra meeting room. Added privacy or more digital connections. Together, we’ll figure it out. We realise every project is unique, so it’s all based on real insights – not guesswork.

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Setting the scene

Ours is the largest office furniture showroom in Britain. Don’t expect a sea of desks: we organise by settings, not products. For example, you can explore our take on an informal meeting space or a welcome area. Found a space that feels right? Let’s find the furniture that fits.

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Don't take our word for it

We’ve worked with big names and small, designed vast workspaces and boutique offices, delivered standard chair sets and spaces with their own running track. We’ve done it all, and more. Our previous projects give you a hint of what’s possible.

We had an amazing team helping us undertake the fitout of this new office for which Hunts were a key component.

There is no two ways about it, that if we had not had your interior design skills, your patience and imagination, the finished scheme would not have looked as amazing as it does.

Mark Gilpin — Group Planning Director

Inland Homes

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It's why we have the biggest office furniture showroom in the UK.

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