Flex Active Frames Office Shelving

by Steelcase

From: £302.00 ex.VAT £362.40 inc.VAT

Steelcase Flex Active Frames are versatile structures that distinguish space by establish dynamic, adaptable and inspirational homes for teams. The collection permits organisations to support environments teams and individuals desire to do their best work, and enables people to adapt their space on demand.

Flex Door Finishes


Natural maple 160 ET160 EMEA 1000 new

Natural Maple

Crystal G0230 EMEA 1000


Clear oak 2 LAK 1000

Clear Oak

Grey Oak 2 LGO 1000

Grey Oak

Merle 2 LMG 1000


Natural Beech V2 BM 1000

Natural Beech

Walnut 2 2 LW5 2 TH7 1000

Walnut 2 2LW5

Black 340 EMEA 1000

Black 340N0

Acacia AT EMEA 1000


Seagull 6053 1000


Platinum Metallic Silver

Platinum Metallic Silver SL

Snow WY EMEA 1000

Snow WY

Flex Active Frames Upholstery Finishes (Atlantic Fabric)


Atlantic AT04 Black

Black AT04

Atlantic Pepper AT10 New1

Pepper AT10

Root Beer AT18 EMEA 1000

Root Beer AT18

Atlantic AT02 Grey

Grey AT02

Atlantic AT17 Nickel

Nickel AT17

Atlantic AT20 Malt Beige

Malt Beige AT20

Atlantic AT25 Aubergine

Aubergine AT25

Concord Purple AT23 1000

Concord Purple AT23

Atlantic AT06 Blue

Blue AT06

Royal Blue AT08 EMEA 1000

Royal Blue AT08

Blue Jay AT16 EMEA 1000

Blue Jay AT16

Atlantic AT30 Lagoon

Lagoon AT30

Atlantic AT26 Paecock

Peacock AT26

Jungle AT27 emea 1000

Jungle AT27

Atlantic AT28 Merlot

Merlot AT28

Atlantic AT15 Scarlet

Scarlet AT15

Red 8012 EMEA 1000

Red AT01

Saffron AT31 emea 1000

Saffron AT31

Atlantic AT19 Tangerine Orange

Tangerine Orange AT19

Atlantic Wasabi Apple Green AT21 1000

Wasabi Apple Green AT21

Canary AT22 1000

Canary AT22

Honey AT29 emea 1000

Honey AT29

Coconut AT14 EMEA 1000

Coconut AT14

Flex Active Frames Finishes


Merle 2 LMG 1000

Merle 2LMG

340 EMEA 1000

Black 340

U163 1000

Honey U163

U311 1000

Merlot U311

U390 1000

Saffron U390

U540 1000

Cloud U540

U560 1000

Indigo U560

U606 1000

Peacock U606

U646 1000

Lagoon U646

U741 1000

Burnished Bronze U741

WY EMEA 1000

Snow WY

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Customisable + Adaptable

Construct your frame, fill your frame, individualise your frame – it’s that simple with the easy system logic of Active Frames. Select your frame and shelves, decide your level of soft or hard enclosures and then make it yours.

Active Frames gridded and modular structure supports short or long term reconfiguration and offers the flexibility required in a ever changing and evolving workplace. As team and workplace needs develop, so can Active Frames. Add doors and locks to create personal lockers, or increase the height and width for more privacy in a space. Active Frames can assist a wide ranges of needs in the open office.

Foundational Structures

Active Frames are foundational elements that expand space by developing team neighbourhoods when implemented across a floorplan. Not only are they designed to divide space, their multi-use functionality builds ideal spaces for teams to do their best work.

As a boundary solution, Active Frames maintains clearly identifiable territory between teams. They give team spaces privacy and shelter from a busy corridor. And they can help make an additional space higher performing. Devised to be utilised across the floorplan, Active Frames make it easy to make the open plan the best it can be.

*The price shown is for simplest version of the shelving. The Flex Active Frame's price changes dependant on the exact specification of each individual configuration – for dimensions, specifications and exact pricing on your chosen option, please enquire.

Product Features

  • Infills: PET or Laminate infills can be added to the frame to provide structure, different levels of enclosure and a functional yet decorative aesthetic.
  • Doors: With a closed storage option, doors help organise the team's tools and keep work neatly tucked away. A soft fabric pull allows for easy access to essentials while a locking system helps secure personal or confidential items.
  • Fixed Board: Pin-tackable, fixed PET boards or fixed markerboards allow the team to collaborate at the structure and display their work.
  • Board Clips: Detachable board clips can be added to the frame to host Steelcase Flex Markerboards either in vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Coat Rod: Hang your coat, fabric samples or hanging plants from the optional coat rod.
  • Bookends: The bookend connects on the front of a shelf and supports the end of a row of books to keep them upright.
  • Cable Management Clip: Cable management clips can be added to the frame when power cords need to be routed through the structure.
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Product specification


Mixed / Melamine / PET


Modular With Almost Limitless Possibilities

Pre-Configuration Options

Waterfall / L-Shape / Low Boundary / End Of Run / 4-High / 5-High / Work Island / Work Bridge

Optional Features

Shelves / Frames / Coat Rod / Bookends / Cable Management Clip / Infills / Doors / Fixed Boards / Mobile Board Clips


Multiple Dimensions – Please Enquire For Specific Dimensions

Surface Materials

Frame And Frame Extensions



High-Pressure Laminate


High-Pressure Laminate / P631 Dark Heather Grey PET


High-Pressure Laminate


Matt Chrome



Mobile Board Clip

6527 Merle

Cable management clip

6527 Merle

Fixed board

P631 Dark Heather Grey PET / 2977 White Markerboard

Coat rod



P636 Light Heather Grey


12 Years (5 years for surface materials, melamine decors)

Flex Active Frames Configurations

Steelcase Flex Active Frames are adaptable structures that define space by creating productive, flexible and inspiring homes for teams. This short video shows you the various configurations of the Steelcase Flex Active Frames.

Flex Collection Design Story

The nature of work is unpredictable and Steelcase Flex gives a wide variety of teams control to adapt their space on demand to allow for changes in team activities. This video gives you a quick look at the Flex range and why it is perfect for today's working environment.

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