Flex Slim Table | 450mm Depth

by Steelcase

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The family of standing and seated-height work tables can be used for a expansive array of team activities — from individual focus work to collaborative work; they can also be used in in-between spaces. Tables come with glides and optional wheels for effortless movement, and hooks allow you to hang the power hanger, cable catch or other personal items.

Flex Slim Table Top Finishes


Natural maple 160 ET160 EMEA 1000 new

Natural Maple

Crystal G0230 EMEA 1000


Clear oak 2 LAK 1000

Clear Oak

Grey Oak 2 LGO 1000

Grey Oak

Merle 2 LMG 1000


Natural Beech V2 BM 1000

Natural Beech

Walnut 2 2 LW5 2 TH7 1000

Walnut 2 2LW5

Black 340 EMEA 1000

Black 340N0

Acacia AT EMEA 1000


Seagull 6053 1000


Platinum Metallic Silver

Platinum Metallic Silver

Snow WY EMEA 1000

Snow WY

Flex Frame Finishes


Cloud 1 ATB 1000

Cloud 1ATB

Rose Quart 1 ATG

Rose Quartz 1ATG

Olivine 1 ATH 1000

Olivine 1ATH

Sea salt 1atj

Sea Salt 1ATJ

Citrine 1atk

Citrine 1ATK

Wasabi 4 AQ8 EMEA 1000

Wasabi 4AQ8

Scarlet 4 AQ9 1000

Scarlet 4AQ9

Blue Jay 4 AV3 1000

Blue Jay 4AV3

Tangerine 4 AX1

Tangerine 4AX1

Obsidian 4 B20 2 1000

Obsidian 4B20

Matte Brass 4 B22 1000

Matte Brass 4B22

Burnished bronze 4 B23 1000

Burnished Bronze 4B23

Night Bronze 4 B24 1000

Night Bronze 4B24

Matte copper 4 B25 1000

Matte Copper 4B25

Aubergine 4 CZ1 6571 1000

Aubergine 4CZ1

Peacock 4 CZ2 1000

Peacock 4CZ2

Jungle 4 CZ3 1000

Jungle 4CZ3

Merlot 4 CZ4 1000

Merlot 4CZ4

Honey 4 CZ5

Honey 4CZ5

Lagoon 4 CZ6 1000

Lagoon 4C26

Saffron 4 CZ7 1000

Saffron 4CZ7

Electric Indigo 4 EE9 1000

Electric Indigo 4EE9

Champagne Metallic CH

Champagne Metallic CH

Merle MG

Merle MG

Midnight Metallic MI

Midnight Metallic MI

Nickel NI 4728 1 1000

Nickel NI

Pearl Black PB 6000 1000

Pearl Black PB

Platinum Metallic Silver

Platinum Metallic (Silver) SL

Sterling Metallic ST 4798 1000

Sterling Metallic ST

Artic White Gloss WG EMEA 1000

Arctic White Gloss WG

Arctic White Matte WM

Arctic White Matte WM

Pearl Grey 0 ZN EMEA 1000

Pearl Grey 0 ZN

Pearl Aluminium ZS

Pearl Aluminium ZS

Pearl snow ZW EMEA 1000

Pearl Snow ZW

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With their contemporary vibe, soft corners and a assortment of material options, Steelcase Flex Tables allow for personalisation in any team space. Used alone or together, they are perfect for any way you work.

Product Features

  • Wheels: The table’s optional wheels provide the ability for you to easily move it across a team space. The wheels provide stability when in use and allow anyone to move it in minutes.
  • Hooks: Hang personal items and Steelcase Flex accessories within easy reach and off the ground.
  • Footrest: Whether standing or sitting, the footrest provides extra ergonomic support by helping you maintain good posture.
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Product specification

Worksurface​ Finishes

Melamine / Veneer / Plywood / Linoleum: charcoal, light grey ash, pebble grey

Types Of Flex Tables

Work Table Seated / Work Table Standing / Slim Table

Optional Features

Wheels / Hooks / Footrest

Surface Materials


All paints including Lux and Accent colours​

Foot support (standing height only)

All paints including Lux and Accent​ colours

Glides and Wheels​

Merle / Seagull Plastic​

Cable Catch

Felted PET / Dark Grey









12 Years (5 years for surface materials, melamine decors)

Steelcase Flex Overview

Steelcase Flex was designed after observing high-performing, hyper-collaborative teams across the globe, understanding how they work and what they need to be their best. Inspired by teams using design thinking and agile practices, Steelcase Flex gives teams the flexibility and control to adapt their space on demand to meet their rapidly-changing activities. This video looks at the Flex collection by Steelcase and how it fits into the office.

Moving A Flex Table

Steelcase Flex Tables offer a modern and approachable vibe to the workplace. Soft corners and a wide range of material options allow for personalisation and expression in any team space. This short video shows you a flex table moving with a power hanger attached displaying its flexibility.

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