Privacy Booths

Finding an office privacy booth to suit the specific requirements of your workspace has never been easier. From soundproof office pods to office privacy screens, browse our collection from brands like Spacestor and Steelcase for the perfect balance between escapism and productivity.
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Space to Focus, Call or Meet in our Office Privacy Booths

Our collection of office privacy booths are designed to provide headspace. Striking the perfect balance between privacy and design, our privacy booths allow for every worker to comfortably escape distraction without needing to leave the room.

Looking for a privacy pod, booth, phone or meeting unit with the option of an office privacy screen? Choose our Boss Design Mango workstation with or without a screen surround for acoustic insulation and reduced noise levels. With integrated power and data options provided, this flexible and space saving workstation is essential for modern day work life.

For a more collaborative experience, check out the Atom two person work booth, available with both low and high seat options. Unique in adaptability, this private office booth is designed to respond to how people interact in their working environment.

Choose the Steelcase Brody privacy lounge for a micro-environment that incorporates comfort, storage and lighting – good for your body and good for your brain.

For office privacy booths designed to encourage focused work without having to compromise on team spirit, contact our team of furniture design experts today.

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